What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part V

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I was in a flightplane that flew backwards =P
I had also one dream were it was raining more inside then outside :tongue:

During a nap today I was in a camp that might have been in England, which I don’t know why I would be England for just a camp. And I was also walking around naked without shame.

Being kissed by Johnny Depp, owning a pie shop, battling ice monsters and there being an underground complex under our garden :neutral:

The other night I thought I was dreaming and looked at my hands. I didn’t get lucid! When I woke up I was really mad. :tongue:

And I’ve missed two times in the past couple nights one of my main dreamsigns: weakness in my legs. :sad:

Oh for the love of god i cant believe i missed this one, i was with Indys sidekick friend from Indiana Jones 4 and we found chests full of doubloons and all that in a Mayan Temple and i immediately though “these would make great reality checks!”

I hate myself sometimes. ive been getting far too lazy with my LDing.

I quite have a few.

First dream: i just walk around at my old house (duh) then, bam, Snipaz everywhere! :truit: after that i have a false awakening which i easily could tell, but stil didnt have LD. after that i throw a freaking plasma grenade out of halo 3 :ding: and it ends.

Second dream: I drive in a bus with people i dont really knew :ding: It drives somewhere i never was to and then a girl appears before the bus and the driver… just drives through her, and i believe him :ding: after a while the bus stops so the driver can make some girls sit somewhere else, and kids start to drive, the end.

Thirth: I am the passenger in a car of a friend (we are both underage, he beeing younger than me, lol) :ding: and i always complain how he drives, then we get out and some random guy throws snowballs at my pal, but he is either too afraid or didnt want, i dunno, well only I threw Snowball back (always had problems making some) :ding: and then i throw a solid plate of ice one him and he vanishes… sorta like squishing a goomba in mario games… :ding: My dreams weren’t in exact time order, but well… i miss a lot of signs, eh?

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Argh i hate you! :happy:
Well i am incredibly jealous of you :wink:

Killing a two-headed snake, (I believe it was a black adder, which is strange, those don’t live around where I am) with my own hands and seeing a white gryphon take flight.

Wandering around a grocery store. Those are in my dreams a lot.

Having my own little orchestra playing background music for me during a scenario. I always kick myself for not noticing that until I wake up. Then I kick myself again for not remembering enough of the music to play it back in RL.

I somehow managed to change my vision from 1st to 3rd person so I was looking at myself, then I changed it again so I had swapped into someone else’s body. All without even thinking it could be a dream! Usually obvious things don’t end up telling e it’s a dream; usually smaller details make me think about whether i’m dreaming or not.

My sister being in the same class as me… My sister singing out loud during a test…

I dreamt last night that I was in a tv studio with a really loud alarm going off. A woman walked in and announced that someone had triggered the lucid moniter, which meant that someone in the room must be lucid dreaming. A group of people started interrogating everyone in the audience to find out who it was and eventually a little girl burst into tears and admitted to it and a party was thrown to congratulate her; it never once occurred to me to do an RC! :tongue: Aarrgh!

Last night I had a dream in which there were a bunch of cursed pens and a copy of HP7 and I had to kill Voldemort.

I’d consider that a huge missed dreamsign.

Aliens exporting Earth’s sand, apparently we have very nice sand here. :lol:

Resurrecting a god :bow:

Being in Thailand and Malmö

Being in the middle of a Mayan war :wow:

Zombies. I can think of three dreams revolving around zombies in just the past month, off the top of my head.
I guess from now on, when I see a zombie in a movie or in a videogame I ought to do a RC.

Well, this morning, I noticed that I had the ability to fly, I accepted that as normal but rare.

About two nights ago, I missed the most obvious dream sign that can be possible. In my dream, I was in Texas, and I was going to go into an underground cave, and I had just gotten the tickets. So I was walking in, I noticed that it wasnt really a cave, but a weird haunted house sort of place. Everything in there looked really weird and dark, like if it was an evil doll house or something. I told myself (or maybe to my brother, i cant remember) that everything in there seemed to be like something in a dream. I think I repeated two or three times because I dont think my brother had heard me. So anyways when I woke up, I was really frustrated that I had missed something like that.
Oh well. Maybe next time.

The only way you could hope to notice something like that in a dream is to do RC’s during the day. Make a habit of it.

last night I was doing the washing-up and suddenly I started to levitate and dance in the air. I didn’t think anything odd of it, except “oh this is cool, I can fly” :help: :ding: