What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part IV

Oh yeah that would have been an awesome moment to become lucid. I’d definitely have flown straight to Stormwind.

Does spacial impossibility count as a dream sign, as in being in a place that is simultaneously a small room in a hostel, and a field full of people, digging out corpses from under the bed, piling them in one corner of the field under a tree, just beside the wardrobe?

Had a LD that occurred due to the fact that i did a RC after a FA. Yet lo and behold, 5 minutes later, when I have another FA, for some reason it just doesn’t occur to me I may still be dreaming. I even tried to write the dream down!

-my truck flying off of a half-bridge (lol)
-riding a gokart that had a trashbag filled with air around it (LOL)
-i had a ND that i had a lucid dream and at first i woke up and remembered it(thinking i was lucid) but then remembered that at the beginning of my dream i can remember getting into bed

The entire world was running with linux, even peoples brains were using linux-like algorithms

(Though, needless to say everything went exactly to my liking) :tongue:

I dreamed about having a lucid dream.

I was walking down a street, and two guys were making fun of me, so I said “If you don’t stop it, i’m going to go lucid and kick your arses.”

Then did an RC, dreamt that I went lucid and started shooting energy bolts and fire out of my hands.

How the hell did I manage that?

I have no idea what I would have done. So far not been lucid yet. :<
You have MSN or something? ;O.

Communicating in binary to a living, yet deaf, vending machine that gave me free crisps (USA: chips). I pressed the “1” and “0” buttons to achieve this (like they usually have A-I buttons and 0-9 to vend products).
It communicated back sometimes by speech (using oscillating un-oiled motors? only my SC knows) and sometimes via the display panel.

It isn’t a HUGE dreamsign… but everytime in WL I’m with my family I do a RC, and in a dream always when I’m with my family (95% of my dreams I am…) and I don’t do RC’s…

There were about 15 dark grey skulls with their spinal cords still attached to them, just floating around peacefully like macabre aerial goldfish. I had a thought that this shouldn’t be possible and that I might be dreaming, but quickly brushed it aside. After all, I was awake, right?


In my dream I was tying my hair up and it was long, but I’ve had short hair since the start of the year and so I can’t really tie it up.


I was back in school, my friend threw a check at Orlando Bloom, I’m the manager of a band and someone’s written Phor on one of my erasers, that may not seem very significant but I’m very touchy about my erasers :gni:

I missed one last night where I was being chased by gun wielding gangsters to avoid them I jumped off a roof and dangled of a steel pole suspended in the air.

I was about to do the nose RC, but in my sleep-induced hazy state of mind I couldn’t recall whether I should use my real hand or my dream hand to plug my nose, and ended up moving my real arm. (which woke me up)

I missed the a huge dream sign last night, The text LD writing on somebody’s skin which was then cut off and shown to me by a DC.

I justified a successful nose plug RC with me having a runny nose and that is why I could breath.

Quote from a dream:

mysterious stranger: “Hey man, your dreaming!”
me: “bah,”

Well, since this topic seems to be bumped again, my latest one outside of the usual stuff (my dreams being on other worlds, having incredible circumstances, etc etc.) would have to be homework. I had a homework assignment due tomorrow that I thought I finished but I realized I’d barely even started it! My school’s been out for a month now! :grrr:


I’ve been driving around in a car by myself with a driver’s license and I also got my own car.

This is a split topic, Part V, the next part, can be found here :dragon: