What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part V

getting someone pregnant without even touching them

Eating cyanide and thinking how lovely it tasted

getting a massage from penguins

Seeing the Joker and he wasn’t trying to kill me. (yay!)
Talking to my dog.
Trying to go to the bathroom in a stall and have someone randomly reach over the door and grab clothes that was hanging on the side, and I thought this was perfectly normal. :eh:

I really need to RC when I am in bathroom stalls. It happens frequently that I’m in one in one of my dreams…why? I dunno. :razz:

I miss A LOT! It makes me very mad. Here’s a tiny list.

  1. I was at an amusement park, searching for friends to go on a ride with. If you guys know the starblaster, or what ever it’s called in different parks (You sit in a seat and it shoots up in the air, back down, up, etc). I saw an older woman, upside down, hanging on, and a young boy rightside up. Funny thing was, it was a ladder, not seats. The boy was gripping onto the steps, the woman, I don’t now… hard to explain!

  2. Me spitting my teeth out; blood spurting everywhere. They just naturally fell out.

  3. Seeing my brother…Nude…Which I NEVER have and NEVER will. Disgusting.

  4. Being in my old house.

I forget the rest. Heh.

Shopping mall with entrance to my grandpa’s basement (if that was true, there had to be a 5 kilometers long tunnel from the closest one :tongue: ) But the tunnels also were. Looooong tunnels with many intersections and closed doors, looking like the ones that Soviets left many years ago. And there was a ruined tile stove in every intersection. I must have been veery deep asleep to mark this as obvious xP

lol last night I had a false awakening. Later on in the dream I asked 2 dream characters I was with if ‘yesterday’ really happened or if it was just a dream, describing some of the stuff that went on. I still didn’t do a reality check lol but at least I’m getting somewhere.

Well, I was about to post here that I missed a huge dreamsign, I dreamt that I had learned to fly(dream will be posted later),
And when I click this topic I notice that I have missed the same huge dreamsign before:


My latest huge missed dreamsign was that a DC’s face turned into that of a duck. And lol i didnt even think of questioning that in the dream. :tongue:

:rofl: ^^

Oh, that made me laugh, the duck face thing.

Uh, Having people I know trying to kill moi.

I was making quarters levitate, said, “cool!” and started showing everybody. :wallhit: The dream was fun though, :happy:

The biggest one… I was riding a motorbike. With 6 more people. So, yeah.

I was writing in my DJ about a dream I had just had… but I was dreaming while writing in it… and didn’t notice…

I think my oddest DS I missed was in a tram with destination "jag åker dit jag vill :razz: "

On english it is: "I go where I want :razz: "

A Dreamsign i missed at the PERFECT time for me to have an LD. 6AM When i get up for school.

i Woke up and then went back to sleep. 5 minutes later i was dreaming. I SHOULD have used that small chance to become Lucid.

Anyway. Medival times with laptops with Windows XP Medival Edition! :tongue: The Prince Said, " I AM THE NERDIEST IN ALL THE LAND!!!" I said, “Thats a statement.”

Details about WINDOWS XP Medival Edition:
CTRL+ALT+DELETE Brings up Your Normal Thing But the Tabs Say: START, FIGHT, WEAPON INVENTORY, etc.


I recently dreamed i fell of a cliff…
And i could see the colour of the air while falling…
It was some sort of anime dream.

My dreams are mostly about video games.

Seeing in a magazine a game that was on the SNES, on the Xbox 360. I knew it was wrong, and I thought it was something other than a simple misprint, but I didn’t come up with any rationalisation for it. I just did something else. I was so, so close! :sad:


That is funny enough to be worth it. XD

My hugest missed dreamsign is my mother noticing I am visiting LD4all and saying something about this community of LD4all… =P No that’s not that odd at all actually, I just suddenly had a laptop.

Maybe the ‘what if this was a dream?’ comment one sometimes uses in my dreams. :tongue:

I was in this weird house full of light bulbs, plastic animals and mirrors. I was wondering around and I found people eating. They asked me to join them. I did so. I was listening to what they were saying when I realised I was dreaming. I said it aloud: I’m dreaming! Everyone turned around looking at me as if I was a madman and one of them said: Ridiculous!. So I ran away through lots of doors which lead to the same rooms. After a while I realised that the dreamscape was as long as an eternity, so I gave up and sat down. :neutral: I shouldn’t have given up, I should have blasted the walls apart :sad:

I was with my mates,in this some sort of blue cave.But that’s all i remember…

I usually catch all of my dreamsigns… like I literally do an RC if anything remotely unusual happens. HOWEVER!

Maybe it was B&W was criticizing me on how I didn’t use “Cut, fragment, blur” or SOMETHING and she posted screenshots of how to locate them… and then said “DON’T COME BACK TO ME UNTIL YOU LEARN TO DO THAT!” Which was fairly weird…

WHOA! I just had a weird deja vu! (I never get deja vu)

Had a couple of dreams lately with family members who live in England. Didn’t even notice it was odd.