What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part V

Is being in the world of a videogame a DS? :tongue:
If yes,yea,i missed it :tongue:

I miss loads every night, so one from last night:-

The sound on this laptop was working.

It hasnt worked for the past… 3 months -_-

Lol… ive had this missed dreamsign alot :tongue:

I also have had people singing aobut lucidity, people give me cake which had writing on it, that changed everytime i looked at it… :doh:

Last night I was running in a wood with pies and cake in my hands and still thought everything was normal. Silly me. :spinning:

yasterday had a dream where i was playing on a keyboard in my creative writing classroom.

I miss loads every night, so one from last night:-

The sound on this laptop was working.

It hasnt worked for the past… 3 months -_-

Lol… ive had this missed dreamsign alot :tongue:

actually, i think i read somewhere that malfunctioning(or in this case, functioning) technology is a very common dream sign and also a good way to do a reality check. there was a scene from the movie Waking Life about flipping a light switch and if it doesn’t work then you’re probably dreaming.

Mwahaha read my last dream in my DJ! points to signature for link

It’s the most random dream ever!

I ALWAYS have letters or lots of writing which changes when i read it, yet i never think im dreaming. :roll:

ive missed too many DS

1)i was running to my primary school from my secondary school. i knocked on a classroom door but said ‘oh wait, i shouldnt be here because this is a dream’ and ran back up the street non-lucid. :ack:

2)im getting off a bus with my classmates, then thought ‘i just walked through a doorway. i should do a reality check’. did the nose check, realized i was dreaming but said ‘ill do something later’ and continued the dream…

  1. me and my classmates are at my primary school (yet again) and we’re about to go to Jerusalem :neutral:

In one night managed to miss multiple references to school, running around naked or semi-naked, seeing a character from a tv show and a scene where I was messing with the visuals on instinct.

In the end a DC actually told me I was dreaming and even then it wasn’t a very strong lucidity (more details in dream journal).

Last night i saw a cartoon turtle leaning on a fence,eating some big green bubbles…odd.

Moonbounce and a pen filled with water rather than ink in last night’s dream :tongue:

Two Krungos from Banjo Kazooie series were drunk on a pirate beach! (by the Wal-mart)

A sppedlimit-sign that said 73

Seriously, there are no such signs in sweden

SPOILER - Click to view

/me hides from truiting

Going to a nightclub with these girls I know, one of them had a parrot on their shoulder. The military then would not let us start partying until they conducted a full sweep of the area, so they shut all the lights off, made everybody sit down in silence, and checked every part of the club with flashlights. I don’t know how I didn’t notice I was dreaming…

An Erractic Explosion that dealt 150 damage to me :cry:

sniping huge monsters in a field while on a motorbike…

i’m not even old enough to have a motorcycle license yet!
…woah i just had deja-vu

Riding a roller coaster toget out of Wal-mart!

However, I became lucid when I realized I don’t have a cell phone IRL…

I was “practicing movie shooting” in a random parking lot for a college football game in my dream last night. The director was there and everything, only we had no special effects or closed off scenes or scripts. I have to start doing reality checks in waking life I think…The “set” wasn’t closed off, there was random people walking by while we were filming, and why the hell would we have no script or special effects?

I had just made a list of recurrent DSs, noticing then that the most recurrent were context-related. The following dream is filled with context-related DSs… I was a mage, in a school (I always dream with schools), I took part of tests, friends and family members were also wizards… a lot of context stuff.

A ghosthorse, coming out from a painting :wallhit: