What does it mean when?

Last night i had alot of dreams, i am almost certain that i was lucid in one or two, my questions is what does it mean when you are not lucid but your dreams are becoming extremely vivid does it mean you are closer to lucidity and also (im not sure if this will make sense) last night i think i may have had a F.A when i awoke i thought good time for some W.I.L.D i’m almost certain i was still dreaming because i closed my eyes and started a technique and it worked almost straight away i was at a destination i wanted to be at and lucid for about 5 minutes. Is it actually possible to use W.I.L.D type techinques while dreaming.
( I know W.I.L.D means Wake Induced but i used the same technique while still dreaming, i think)
Hope this makes sense

yes, the vividness is definitely a sign you are getting closer.
As for wild in a dream, I don’t beleive so. The rules are different.

^.^ Prove me wrong if you want tho.

You could call it wild. Whatever the case, good job ^.^

Sure, it’s possible to do WILD in a dream. You will then be semi-lucid i.e. aware that you are dreaming but not aware that you are dreaming that you are dreaming :bored: :tongue: