What does it mean?

Okej latley have i been dreaming that i´m coming home from school and when i´m just about to hit in the code to the alarm it doesn´t work! I keep trying to press the right buttens/numbers but they keep changing place and stuff. I get more and more stressed too :cry: I´m well aware of that this is a dreamsign that i´m missing but why am i dreaming about this?? Am i afraid of pressing the wrong buttens so the alarm will go off in RL? :confused:

It’s possible that you’re afraid of messing up the code in RL. Whenever you enter it, are you always worried you might mess it up and the alarm will sound? If you expect it to go off, there’s a good chance it will actually go off in a dream. There are two ways to fix this: don’t even think of the option of entering the wrong code in RL, or use the opportunity for RC’s. I would highly recommend the second options.