What does passively observing mean?

I am seeing this everywhere now about passively observing phosphenes, HI and HH in WILD, what does this actually mean? :help: :help: :help: :help:

It means when you’re having HI, HH and HS that you shouldn’t pay too much attention on them, but just observe them and let them to form into a dream. Because paying to much attention on them can hold you back in entering in a dream. I believe that this “step”, step into the dream is the hardest part of the WILD, I’m no expert in WILD but that is just my opinion!

thanks man! :happy:

try this;

where ever you are Now, just relax, and observe without naming and judging anything, its like what you do in meditation, u just become intensly aware of whatever sounds feelings sensations that you notice etc but hold back with the mental commentry, breath normally and keep this up until u need to. or until you feel a dream forming.

good luck