What does this mean?

ND??? what does it stand for?
and does DC stand for dream character?

Have you tried looking at your own post? Put your cursor on those two terms in question.

Daedalus is right, if you need help with all those acronyms you can either scroll your mouse over it, or go to-

Sticky: Dictionary - Acronyms

at the top of the Lucidity Intro page!

ND means Normal Dream
and yes DC stands for dream charactor.

thnx alot lol now im not as confused.

[color=brown]Hello fellows,
You guys aready solved this question/problem, but I have another and don’t want to start a whole new thread. Did Daedalus take lucidity master’s avatar or is there something I’m missing here? Not like it matters it’s a cool avatar, just wondering. :eh:


No that avatar is just one of the selectables from this forum. I just found it and it looked cool so I picked it.

Is it really? I even looked at those before I made my own and didn’t remember. I bet I’d fail an IQ test what do you think? haha. It’s a cool one anyway.


speaking of avatars did you change urs LucidSkyDreams? didnt it used to be those cool blue shrooms? oh well i like ur PinkFloyd one too.

I’ve been itching to change my avatar to something else, but I’ve been unable to!

I’ve tried external linking from my provider, which when I GOT the site said they did that, but I can’t. I tried a few avatar-hosting sites, but after putting in the URL into the image textbox in my profile I didn’t get anything but that infernal red x’ed box symbol no matter which avatar/sig-host I tried. I’ve moved my abysmal website more times than I care to, but I won’t anymore. Can somebody put up a link to a free avatar hosting service that I could use HERE? I would REALLY appreciate it! :help:

EDIT: Sorry for being off topic, but I SEEK ANSWERS! :bored:

Daedalus, have you read the avatar FAQ? I’ll edit in the link.

Are you clicking on the properties to get the address?