What exactly is a sub-consious? (sp?)


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Your subconscious is the part of your mind that controls all the little things (and sometimes big things) that you aren’t directly in control of, or even necessarily aware of. For instance, it regulates your vital functions, such as your heart beat. It’s also responsible for generating dreams, storing memories, and pretty much everything else that you don’t have to purposefully take care of yourself. One example of a task that is both conscious and subconscious is breathing. If something makes you aware of your breathing, as you probably are right now having just read this, then you tend to start controlling the activity manually. You breathe in and out consciously, focusing on the task the entire time. But when you stop thinking about it, your subconscious takes over, and you don’t even realize that you’re breathing until someone brings your attention back to it.

For a more detailed explanation, see this Wikipedia article.

Although it is worth mentioning that there are a few people in the world that have trained their conscious minds to have control over any part of their body. From their hearts right down to what area of the body does and doesnt receive blood.

Imagine being able to stop your heartbeat as easily as you can hold your breath.

Whoa. That’s possible?^

I don’t think that would be very safe :razz:. I think those who have trained at controlling things such as heart beat, sweat, etc, cannot control them quite as well as you can breath… They can slow their heart down or speed it up a little bit. I think it generally works by being subjected to an environment which you associate with a trigger, if you associate a certain mental trigger with a hot sauna, then recalling and focussing on that trigger could make you hot and sweaty. Or focussing on another trigger could make you relaxed and slow your heart beat down. I have heard that spies from the olden days sometimes were trained to do these things to help get through lie detector machines.