What happened last night? Was this WILD?

Hello dreamers!

So, I have finally managed to, after 6 or so months of training, have a few LDs. They both seemed to me to be induced by WILD, but the way they happened seemed too simple and easy to be WILD. So, the first one was that I woke up naturally (not by alarm) at 10:30am and I realised I woke up from the middle of a dream. So, what I did was try to go back to sleep and picture this dream happening again, and it seemed like it worked because with enough time (about 20 seconds, although I couldn’t easily tell), I was in the dream. I didn’t hear any hypnagogic sounds or see any imagery in this case, which makes it seem like it could have been a different technique.

But, the thing I am confused, and excited about, was what happened last night. I woke up by an alarm at 4:00am to try to WILD but I ended up falling asleep. Some time later (I didn’t check to see), I woke up again from the middle of a dream (or maybe the end, it was hard to tell), and I immediately tried going back to sleep and trying to redo what I had done a few days earlier.

I started picturing things in the dream, and at this point I could hear squeaking noises (like the sound you would hear when letting the air out of a balloon) and felt rumbling sensations. I continued to add on to my recollection of my dream, like, what characters were there and any items that I could remember. It seemed as though I had to add to a pile of dream memories continuously until my brain decided I had remembered enough, and let me enter the dream. It didn’t last for long though, because although I was lucid, I forgot to RC and stabilise the dream, as well as increase clarity! :sadyes:

So, what technique was the technique I used last night? And is there any way to train yourself to wake up naturally from a dream in the middle of it, or the end? Because it seems what I’m doing might be WILD, but with no waiting time between falling asleep and entering the dream, because my body is already in the state where it is dreaming.

It sounds like the above is WBTB and DEILD.

That sounds like you did WBTB and WILD :smile:. That’s actually the technique I use! You woke up, thought about your dreams, went back to sleep …right into a dream. I normally wake up in my bed (( dreaming)) so I always do a reality check when I wake up. Using this technique I’ve achieved 5 LD in just 6 nights.

Keep up the good work. Sweet dreams!

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks! And nice, 5 lucids in 6 nights?! That’s pretty awesome!

Do you personally have any techniques you use to wake up during, or at the end of a dream? Or does your body just wake itself up naturally? This technique is pretty good, but the only problem I have with it is that I sometimes don’t wake up at all in the middle of the night :neutral: