What happened? o_o

Something cool happened, anyone can explain it?

Obs: Mods, please sorry if this is sort of a double post :razz: I just want to hear more opinions than the ones from people that will read the DJ

Here’s it (quoted from my DJ):

Sounds about right. :content: I guess this sort of things happens a lot when you are into LDing and stuff… Its gets more difficult to discern false memories from real ones. Especially in the morning, when you still have a confused mind.

I’ve experience that the more you bring your dreams into the waking world the more mixed up with your real memories they get.

After all, the end goal is dreams feeling as real as waking life. While i doubt that is possible, what happens is once the dream becomes a memory, that memory is as real as other memories.

The result is that if you dream something normal and short like your notepad experience, you will not be able to tell if you dreamt it or not.

Far down the lane, as is the case with me, you might remember conversations with friends, small events that are similar to real things but that never actually happened.

Becomes quite a bother sometimes.

Same thing happened to me. I had a FA. I looked at my clock and it said 5:28. I was like “Oh crap, need to get ready for school” I look at the clock again and it said 4:78. I was like “Oh nevermind its only 4” I didn’t seem to question the fact that it was 4:78 even though time only goes to 60. Anyway just to make sure I had the right time on my clock, I look at my cell-phone and it said 5:05. I wished I understood that this was a dream. When I “went back to sleep” I tried a MILD. Not long after I really wake up and see that it is only 4:28. So I go back to sleep. I remember what happened and got mad that I didn’t see that time-changing as a RC. Really cool experience though. I’m getting close to LD’ing.

This happens to me all the time. Sometimes I fall back into a dream but think that I’m writing this down in my PDA, which I usually have by my bed. Sucks, because you fall back asleep thinking you wrote something down, only to wake up disappointed.

Ha… that’s very strange when that happens. Once I was trying to WILD in a temple, and got two low level LD’s and crazy HI.

You know what’s worse is when you think you write down your page-long dreams only to find out that your pen is out of ink. That’s why you never write in the dark… :sad:

Mwahaha! :happy: You had a pretty vivid FA, IMO.