what happened? strange experience

Maybe you can help me understand it?

Or maybe you recognize anything from your own experience?

I had this very strange experience at around 1:00 A.M.
It begun with me (seemingly) waking up slightly from a dream. What happens then, I can not decide, is a false awakening or hypnopompic hallucinations (HI), maybe some kind of OBE activity, (even kundalini awakening?)?

Hypnopompic hallucination?
I slightly wake up with the recall of my dream: I accomplished a task, a mission, the first one out of three. I know the next tasks will come to me in future dreams. I feel content and confident, the tasks are very important.
Now I hear my husband calling from another room "hey mama, are you awake too?’. But I feel drowsy and I don’t bother to answer, and I dislike yelling in the middle of the night.
The next moment I feel I am dragged towards the headboard of my bed, approx half a meter. This kind of scares me for a moment, I wonder is it my husband dragging me. The next moment I feel a vibrant energy in my brain, a unique feeling, and there is a caleidoscopic view, very colourfull and detailed, very beautiful. I enjoy it for a while, while being fully aware (lucid). Now my ratio takes over: “what the * just happened to me?” I lose the view, now I am very much awake (could not sleep for a long time after)

Were you maybe in sleep paralysis at this time? I have also had the “dragging” feeling in SP, accompanied by hallucinations. Sleep paralysis usually happens to me if I wake up quickly from a dream.

Thank you Siiw for your reply.
Its reassuring to hear you recognize the dragging feeling

Sleep paralysis, of course that could have been it :happy: I would not know for sure because I never tried to move. Furthermore, there was only one time before I know of that I experienced sleep paralysis. So I would not recognize it myself easily.

But you are probably right. It would explain the feeling of waking and the hallucinations.

I still wonder what the buzzing feeling in my brain was about, the vibrant energy.
Maybe it was just a forebode of me getting ill, for two days later I developed a fever :tongue: