What happened?

I know I wasn’t alive but 20 year ago it was so easy and simple to get some lsd, now it’s practically impossible. I’m talking about the states here. No grateful dead, and after the two guys in kansas or where ever got busted, acid never recovered. I wish some new bands would stop talking about weed and extasy and heroin and bad drugs and get some brains and figure out where the party is. :cry:

lol :lol:

well acid was popular back then because of LEGAL medical research done on it, so like, it was legally mass produced for studies and stuff… supposedly it originally came about as a cure for yeast infections…

so… that surplus of goods is dwindling… it’s probably pretty hard to make on your own… and…

it depends on where you live i guess… i heard acid is making a comeback in some places… i’m kind of afraid to try it though.

it’d be nice if it only lasted an hour or two.

but you can always get some LSA out of hawaiin baby woodrose or morning glory seeds, which is legal. (refining/extracting lsa is not… using the seeds is)

there are more dangers associated with it though and you should research it from erowid.com and whatnot, and certainly make sure the stuff doesn’t have pesticide in it.

there are online places that sell it, and salvia, and stuff.

If I was DEA I would print out this thread and frame it. :cool: