What happened

Last night

I sat in bed saying to myself Im dreaming. I closed my eyes for about 20 mins. I broke into a hot sweat and then had a tingaling (sorry about spelling) felling in my hand. Then I suddenly felt like I was paralysied. I opened my eyes and I moved my hand. But it felt harder than usal to move my hand.

It was a strange night. But I gave up on WILDing. And went to sleep.

Can someone tell me what happened please?

cheers, stigler

just sounds like the beginning of sleep paralysis.
everyone experiences it every night but unless we keep our mind awake we are never aware of it.

Every time i try WILD thats what happens to me.

Not only for you - Every WILDer was in SP, this is one of most important signs that you are close to step in dream. :yes: Anyways, this is sooooo natural thing, you really don’t have to bother yourself by worring about it. Good luck with WILDing, Stigler, you were close ! :thumbs:

Thanks, I didnt know I was close but was should I have done after I started to feel paraliesed??

Because I opened my eyes. Should I have done that?

Ohh yeah I just rembered my muscleses kept twitching. aswell

Ignore it. Just go on telling yourself you’re dreaming, but dont concentrate too hard. Just enough to keep your mind from falling asleep with your body.

I have had heavy limbs before, if i wake up with my arms feeling about 2 or 3 times there weight, that means i was getting close to sp yeh?