What happened?

Ok, about 4 days ago I had a nice lucid dream. I became lucid and immediately awoke in a room that wasnt my bedroom. When I walked outside there was a giant tower to my right and to my left I vividly remember red-brick buildings. However, I wasnt totally lucid as there were some people chasing after me and for some reason I believed I had to get away. Mind you, I chose to do this by flying so my lucidity was pretty high. I remember flying over the sea and the weather becoming very foggy, it was great fun.

But anyway, at the end I found myself back at my house and decided to try jumping into a mirror… I flew straight through no problem but on the other side my dream totally broke up. It felt for a few seconds like I was in a washing machine, being scrambled around, and I vividly remember being slammed back into my sleeping body (or a dream version of it). I was paralysed and my extremeties (hands, feet) felt very cold (I wasnt cold when I eventually woke up for real). After this my thinking was very dreamy and even though the paralysis wore off AND I conducted a reality check, I didnt regain full lucidity or anywhere near it.

So… I’d be interested to hear anyone’s theories on what happened when I jumped through that mirror! I’m a skeptic but I’d be especially interested in hearing what the ‘astral projection’ collective have to say on the subject. :content:

in a lucid dream, going through a mirror can produce any random result, even waking back up, if you do not have a clear picture of what you want to see on the other side. The washing machine bit looks pretty cool.

wow thats cool, i have never had that, actally i havent even been through a mirror?? why the hell not?

strange next time i go lucid i will tell u