What happened?!

(Yes I’m new. Hi :smile: :smile: :smile:! )

I’ve been thinking about lucid dreaming for the last month or so. I’ve visited loads of websites, forums, FAQs, etc. I’ve recently begun to try some of the methods… such as keeping a dream diary.
Last night I went to bed at 12.30 and set my alarm for 6.00am. I woke up at 6.00am and began to read some stuff I had printed on Lucid dreaming. Then I reviewed some of my old dreams and worked out how I might have realised that I was dreaming.
At 7.00am I went back to bed, concentrating on my thrid eye and whispering to myself “When I dream, I know that I am dreaming”, and “I will have a lucid dream”.
Well that’s when the weirdness started. :eek: For a long time I couldn’t get to sleep and eventually I stopped focusing on my third eye. Then I entered a weird semi-conscious state. Basically I found my mind wondering off on little fantasies. I reciognised that they were not real, assuming that they were dreams beginning. But I didn’t go lucid… I just drifted back to being half-awake. This happened several times, with my mind seeming to follow dreams and me trying to stop it from doing so. Eventually I went fully to sleep, and I don’t remember any dreams after that.
When I finally woke up, it was 12.15am!!! I had overslept my about 2 and a half hours, all because I had missed one hour earlier! I had never woken up so late in my life! Is this normal with MILDs? No one has ever mentioned it before! Did I perhaps interfere with a necessary stage of deep sleep when I woke up at 6?


Hopefully see what other people think too, but I have experienced similar things… my guesses are:

  1. Sometimes WBTB, MILD, WILD can stimulate you in strange ways that causes sleep not to happen normally…
  2. Sounds like you weren’t ready to settle right into REM which probably would have worked better. You woke up after 5 and 1/2 hours, which is not usually a great guess for a REM period… 4 and 1/2 or 6 hrs might give you better luck.
  3. You should try sleeping in more if that’s the latest you’ve ever woken up… it’s good for LD’ing AND one of the best pleasures in life, IMHO.


yeah, that happens to me pretty frequently the “little fantasies” as you called it. i asked about it in the sticky wild topic in quest for lucidity, this is what jeff had to say

Sounds like Hypnogogic Hallucinations.