What happens to the subconscience in lucid dreams?

If there is a thread about this, forgive me…or direct me where to find it…

What I like most about dreaming is listening to my subconscience. Seeing the connections of things and feelings. Sometimes it’s stuff don’t think I can deal with but in my dream world, I’m given a new perspective or at least an examination of what is truly bothering me.

What happens in lucid dreams to your subconscience? In my dreams, it’s active. I’ve had very simple lucid dreams that I knew I was dreaming but haven’t become fully aware of it or been able to control what happens. Maybe I don’t want to…

if I’m lucid, conscience and able to think, is my subconscience on snooze again?

What happens to the subconscience in lucid dreams?

it cant be on snooze, because dreams come from your subconcious. your concious mind does not create images, it inteperates light waves, sound vibrations, and other stimuli from the outside world.

at least thats my idea. if it was all your concious mind, anything you werent concious of thinking about wouldnt happen. but LDs are very random and unexpected if you let them.

i beileve that LDing is one of the few times your concious and subconcious get to hang out, instead of it being one or the other (even when you’re coincous and your subconcious expresses itself you explain it to yourself with a concious ego-check)

and THAT is why LDing feels so good. your personality and your deepest drives and desires get to say hello and reconcile for a bit.

Thanks Daniel for your thoughts.

I’m just not so sure your subconcious is alert after your concious mind wakes up. I agree your dreams come from your subconcious though.

Let me give you an example. This morning I had a horrible dream. I was listing all of the assignments I still had to do. I was talking with a friend and explaining how behind I was. I ‘felt’ awful and ‘felt’ I couldn’t get it all done. ONLY I graduated in May and my assignments are done! If my concious mind had been awakened I would have just said, no, wait, that’s all over. And I wouldn’t have felt the horrible feelings. Now, that may sound desirable (and believe me, I think it might) but…

When I woke up I was in this horrible mood (duh) and I grumbled to myself and felt awful. But as I’ve processed the dream I realize I feel that way generally about my life. I wonder how I’m to accomplish all that I have to do. And I feel so alone in it all…living far from family and few friends. And the dream said to me that I’m worring far too much…i.e. worring after the tasks are done. Let go it was saying.

I think I was processing these feelings and the dream was a way of letting go. But if my concious mind had taken over, would I have been able to process it the same? Would I have just pushed it away again. Like saying to myself, oh silly that’s all over. The dream would have been over or at least changed. Where would it have gone after that?

Or Is that what lucid dreaming is about? Finding out where it would go if you could challenge these thoughts as they are made?

I ask this because I’m just not sure I want to change dreams I learn from/have fun with as they are. Does that make any sense? (LoL)

Nothing happens to your subconscious, unless you give it suggestions in the lucid dream. Then those suggestions become a lot more powerful. Take, for example, the suggestion, “I can have a lucid dream whenever I want, just be letting myself”.

I don’t think that it is posable for your subconscious to be “on snooze” again in a dream. It is like DanielD said, the subconscious is where the dreams come from. When you become lucid, your conscious mind becomes active durring the dream. If there is nothing you need to deal with, as far as your subconscious sees it, then you can do whatever you want. If your subconscious has something to tell you, then it keeps coming into the dream. You can’t get away from your subconscious, not even in your most lucid dream.
That said, just like lots of people ignore there ND’s and what the subconscious is trying to say to them there, you can also ignore what it is saying in LD’s. Then you might be wondering why you keep seeing the same people in your LD’s, or why you keep being somewhere in your LD’s.
I do think that in an LD, you have a better contact to your subconscious. You can just walk up to someone who keeps showing up in your LD’s and ask them why they keep showing up. Then, if you are listening to your subconscious, it can tell you what it wants to, and you don’t have to guess for yourself what it is trying to say.
Just my two cents worth. :content:

Either that, or you can whip out that extra powerful shotgun you’ve been waiting months on end to use in your next lucid dream, and blow the representative from your subconscious out of existence. And thus, be none the wiser as to what your sub-c is trying to say.

I completely agree with Don. :yes:

I think the dream environment and dream characters are your subconcious when your asleep, so it’s one of my goals to summon a DC that represents my subconcious and talk to them, it’s gotta be interesting to talk to the other half of your brain like that!

Everything you dont “consiously” create in LDs is made by your SC.

Thank you all for your replies. :smile: So much to think about. LoL My mind is over-loaded right now…not from this info but my life. Guess I need to sleep and let my subconcious deal with it. If I let it. haha

I’ll write more when I’m less stressed (I have a job interview tomorrow…).

In most cases, it is there and active.

Most of what goes on in LDs is subconscious, even if you have control. Look at all the small things, you maybe taking control of DCs, but while you’re doing that your subconscious is making the sky move. I don’t think it’s possible to control every aspect of the dream at all times because you’re always going to overlook something no matter how small.

So while your conscious mind plays a big part when you are lucid, the subconscious is still there in the background.

I believe that is also true of waking life, the subconscious is never truely off, just running in the background like your antivirus softwear on the computer. It takes notes, in waking life and it does tiny little things in LDs too.

Warning…connecting some dots here (LoL), kind of long…

I re-read the comments and I think I’m getting a clearer concept of the subconcious and the concious mind…as it relates to dreaming.

First, I think I was narrowly focusing on the idea of knowing you are thinking something vs not being conciously aware you’re thinking. Back to that idea in a minute…

I am intriged of Daniel’s idea of the concious and subconcious hanging out in dreams. That’s true! And as Darxide elaborated your mind, in lucid dreams triggers subconcious thoughts. In some ways, if you didn’t trigger your subconcious, you might wake up? Afterall, dreams are about your subconcious stuff you have floating around in your mind.

True! As in my dream about my homework (non-exsistent assignments not done) if my subconscious is giving me a strong message (I can’t get things done in my life), then I may not become lucid, because the subconcious is sending me the message. Of course, if I had become lucid, I would have thought, oh, silly me. That is done and the dream would have either ended or gone on to be about something different.

TweaK said…

Yes! If you summons a dream character, as ArtiswithtKvar suggests, that is your subconcious! Snape, I’m not going to kill off my subconcious to keep from listening to it! :wink:

Mohegan said…

Ahaa moment. Yes, this is your subconcious directing the over-all dream. One morning when I tried to go to sleep and project a dream, make it happen, I realized I was THINKING not dreaming! LoL

I like how you made the connection of how our subconcious is aware and active during the day. How many times have you said something you wished you hadn’t? We may call this speaking without thinking, but it’s your subconcious, right?

This gets me back to my first paragraph. I think conciously and I know I’m thinking. When I don’t know I’m thinking, my subconcious takes over. But those are narrow definitions and cannot fully describe the concious and subconcious mind. I think I’m beginning to understand.

P.S. My job interview went well. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m hired and it’s the job I need. (day care teacher at a hospital day care…benefits are wonderful!) I’ll hear middle of next week!