What happens when you enter a mirror in a dream?

I’ve often read that eerie or amazing things can be found in a dream if you walk through a dream-mirror. However, I’ve had difficulty finding actual reports of what dreamers have seen on the other side. Can anyone help?

Also, is there a theory as to why the place beyond the mirror should be any stranger than “ordinary” dream-land (which, I would think, is strange enough in itself)?

Inkling i can only tell you from my own experiences with mirrors…

Every now and then…i walk through mirrors.
And the funny thing is its not always the same what happens. :happy:

One time, behind the mirror was a spiral staircase going down, and when i walked down it ended, below it, was a blackvoid of nothingness.
I jumped in and i entered the deep sleep…where you dont have a dream body or visuals.
Othertime i went through i was surrounded with a silver liquid and saw all kind of movies and visuals in it, like words i could enter. i tried, and yes i entered the world it showed before entering. That has happend several times the silver liquid thing, but always with some minor changes.
One time i went through a mirror and i was on a beach, hehe, but the mirror entrance was gone as soon as i was really on that beach, so it was a one way ticket lol.
But lets say a walk through the mirror is worth it :wink:


Wow! What amazing experiences u have had Jeff :oh: I havent been as lucky as u…but hope fully i willl…and when that happens, i will gladly post my results!^_~

:happy: I wish you many of such lucid dreams Kat :smile:
They are really fun!


I read this thread yesterday and luckily I had a LD last night so I tried the experiment. I just ran towards a mirror and flew right through it. Inside it everything was black with some kind of visuals appearing. They were not quite recognizable though. Suddenly I felt as if someone was throwing hot and cold water at the same time at me. It felt very strange. Never felt anything like that in my life actually. Suddenly I woke up in a FA, but unfortunately I lost lucidity. I was still pondering about what actually happened in the mirror, so I quickly wrote everything down in my diary. When I woke up irl I noticed I didn’t write anything at all. Pretty frustrating :smile:

:happy: Hehe Mystic…yeah those mirrors can give nice surprises lol!

Dont be surprised if you experience next time something else lol
50% of those experience are the same 4 me, thats the blackness or the silver fluid liquid with visuals in it. But also many other variations can happen…like just a new dream scenery…and all weird things.
Once i was in a sort of nothingness…a void, after entering the mirror world lol and i suddenly heared a female voice lol…who told me she was a dead person from the here after lol…she told me she was an artist at her life at earth…painter…Well likely it is an illusion…but weird anyway hehe…really weird experience.

The mirror world…is one of my favorites…
The floating book of the subconscious is also one of my favorites.
its a book that i levitate then open and then say loud…“subconscious…show me what you want” then visuals start and i c all sorts of creative things…when i make the book larger in scale i can even enter another dream scenery from it…lol…also fun…


Hmmm, sounds fun!!! I’ve gotta try going through a mirror in my next LD.

Argh!!! double post.

Well thank u Jeff^_^

Good luck with that Talyn !


Somehow, it seems like a lot of experiences that people have when going through mirrors cause them to either have an FA, lose lucidity, or wake up. If I have a LD, I might try it, since it seems like people have some amazing experiences with them. But it also seems like theres a risk of losing your lucidity, at least some of the time. Is that true?

I can only tell you based on what I’ve heard, so here goes.

A number of things can happen when you enter a mirror. Like Jeff said, you could enter a black void, or a huge mirror room with reflections and movies playing. Maybe you’ll see yourself when you were a kid… Anywaything, really. I’ve heard cases (Mentioned in this topic, too.) where you get a false awakening, and some where the person felt as if they were shoved, then woke up, feeling like they’ve just fallen flat on their back and are paralyzed. Honestly, I can’t tell you what happens when you go into a mirrior, as I have yet to do anything productive in my LDs.

I still have to figure out why a mirror has such strange effects…so random also…I would be teased to say that the subconscious plays an important role here…mm well i find out one day lol what the real Mccoy is is.
Maybe u can do even more things with the mirrors then we think. :cool_laugh:


I have had some interesting results with mirrors.

Once I put my fingertip on a mirror, and it made my finger feel tingly.

Once I walked through a mirror, and ended up in a small room, like a closet.

And I think once I thought of going through a mirror, but before I got there I was paralyzed and dropped to the floor. :bored:

Surely it will do anything your subconscious wants it to do. Just because it’s a mirror doesn’t mean that it will have magical properties, it is just the fact that you are stepping into the weird and unknown, so you mind conjours up something weird. What it is will depend on what the person is thinking about at the time, what they have heard from other people and any other influences (films or books for example… looking in direction of Alice)

If the only thing that you heard about stepping through a mirror is that you fall into a black void, thats what will happen because thats what you expect to happen.

So having said this you could have the same effects if you walked through a wall, it’s just the magical image mirrors have that makes them so mysterious.

Yes foolish i agree with you :smile:
Could be that it has also a very suggestive effect because we actually cant c the mirror itself only its reflection. :wink:


nevertheless, it is strange how you ‘want’ to step through a mirror in a LD. It is the same weird thing that when you have an OOBE you go through the window.
Don’t ask me why, i set this site up and called it “through the mirror”, since i stepped through mirrors a lot in my LD’s
Now i know this person who wrote a book about OBE and she called it: through the window. because, yes, she tends to fly out of her window a lot in an OOBE.

I have quite a few experiences of mirror stepping, from entering the closet to entering an entirely strange world or dream.

I think it depends if the mirror is on a closet or on the outside wall.
The ones that are on closets never take me anywhere exept the inside of a closet, the ones that are on the wall and have the outside world behind that wall tend to take you places. And that can have to do with your thoughts about it, since you kind of expect the closet behind it.

i had this mirror in my old student room which i have had those weird experiences with. after i moved i only had a mirror on my closet and that never did anything for me.

Hehe funny, now i remember that as a kid i always flew in dreams out of the window lol…was great fun!
Thx for the memory help PasQuale lol.