What happens when.....

What happens at the exact moment u realize ur dreaming. like what effect does it have on the dreamscape or do u expieriene any wierd feeling while realizing ur dreaming?

Sometime i feel a rush, kinda like blood rushing to your head, but through your whole body. Other times i find that i’f i’m outdoors the wind will suddenly pick up and i can feel the wind one my face, this is good, coz sometimes i jump and soar up into the sky like a kite.

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Anyway I get a very similar felling to Stokesy with a body rush. I never experienced the wind thing but that is because i usually realise i am dreaming when i am indoors

From my limited experience going lucid: I become more aware of surroundings, my body, and my motions. I get excited, and expect to wake up. And indeed I wake up.

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For me, I experience the powerful rush. I become wiser. My vision become sharper as well. I also get a rush of emotions, but somehow I manage to keep them surpressed so I won’t wake up accidentally. I just become so free… I don’t know how to describe that.

yes, from my limited times of going lucid i still remember becoming more aware of the environment and just standing there watching the wonderful colored world around me. also I can watch things which are many miles away as clear and sharp as if they were just in front of me.
can’t wait to have another LD…

The feeling upon reaching lucidity is very hard to describe. For me, it’s mainly utter delight, excitement and a feeling of succession.

The dreamscape doesn’t really change upon me going lucid, unless I particularly wish it to. For me, dream characters tend to unfortunately become more lifeless. Keeping the dreamworld alive while you’re lucid is an art in itself. Like in the latest LD I had, the DCs stopped their actions and arguing and started just to stare at me like zombies when I went lucid.

Or maybe they were just confused about the fact that I was dispelling the wall in front of them to get to jump from 10th floor. ;/