What has been your craziest hypnagogic imagery?

Just recently I had HI of a cartoonish bald man, thumbs in his ears, waggling his hands and tongue at me. Suddenly he shouts, “NANANANA!” :lol: I woke myself up laughing. :tongue:

:rofl: Brilliant!

Mine tend to be sounds. Even though I’m so used to them by now, I still cannot deal with the sound of someone stomping down the hallway to the bedroom. Even though I’m wearing earplugs (and therefore know that these sounds are not real). I can let most sounds wash over me - but this particular sound always scares the willies outta me and I have to pull out just to double-check there isn’t an axe-murderer on his way to get me!

:help: :nuu:


My HI is usually just watching traffic, scrolling text or headlines, or music or a road/path if I am lucky.

But I have had HI where I looked at the familiar window from my room, and suddenly noticed that everything in the view formed human shapes. :eek:

Tami–Can’t say I blame you for double checking. Sounds terrifying! I think that’s what my roommate goes through. He grew up in the middle of nowhere, so any tiny little sound makes him bolt out of bed.

Siiw–I always have a lot of work-related HI, so I get that. A friend of mine had a RL occurrence of a man staring in his window, so I’m sure you must be scared when that happens!

I have had many of these cartoon type experiences and I have had many experiences with wire frame characters in them as well. I hear voices all the time so they do not bother me at all. I do get some of the coolest experiences like today I was sitting in a hospital and they had this machine that had a ball in the middle of it that could take imagery of the heart and project the hologram of it within the sphere where they could make changes though controls on the sphere. My experiences seem to take me to many places and involve many people.


Maybe these monsters i saw on the wall when i was about 6 or 7. One looked like an accordion. It was interesting.

An accordion monster, that actually sounds terrifying.

My grandmother used to have HI of a hand grabbing her feet. It always came with sleep paralysis. I wish I could have taught her what I now know about HI and sleep paralysis.

I think my craziest hypnogogic imagery, or hypnopompic since I was waking up, was hearing my phone ring and answering it. The call was from my friend, who was asking if I was going to take part in some quiz next month. After the phone call I actually woke up. I was sitting on my bed, looking at my empty hand where the phone was a second ago. It was a bit too real, spooked me.

These two bits of HI stick out to me as some of the craziest or most intense bits I’ve had:

This one happened while I sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office: