What have you Never dreamed about?

It occurred to me today that although I spend quite a lot of time during the day making cups of tea, (I’m something of a tea monster :tongue: ) I don’t recall ever having made one in a dream. :hmmm:

Well, as you might imagine, that set my little brain whirling and I thought to myself, “I wonder what other people have expected to make an appearance in their dreams and they just don’t?” I thought!

So, my question to you is, “What don’t you dream about that you might expect to?”

Awesome thing to think about!

Umm…work is the first thing that pops into my mind. considering that I spend most of my time doing it I haven’t had any dream experiences with DC’s that look like colleagues, or my office as a dream setting etc.

The next thing that just popped in is; I don’t seem to dream about certain very close friends of mine. People who share similiar ideas and beliefs and that I absolutely love to death, I hardly ever dream of.

My mind is going to be thinking about this for a while now heheh!! thanks angelmouse!!

Great topic!

Let’s see… wow, I’ve dreamt of a lot…
I’ve never dreamt of ripping appart Mohegan.

…yet. :ebil:

I’ve never dreamt about my mascot’s sidekick, Kanis. (Maybe I’ll put him in my avatar eventually.)

I really can’t think of anything else but I guess that’s a good thing, isn’t it? ^^

Hmmm. Well, the big one for me is sex. I’ve never dreamed of it. Not surprising, though.

Until recently I would have said guns, but I got one of those a while back.

Geez, that’s not an easy question to answer. I can’t think of anything else I haven’t dreamt of at some point. There must be a lot of things, but none are coming to mind…

I’d have thought so. :tongue: Seems like you have a fairly comprehensive dream gallery then! :dream:

Heheh. This is a tough question. It’s like trying to remember something you forgot. xD
Hmm… I think it’s strange I don’t have many dreams about swords/magic/fantasy, seeing as I read novels about them every day, and sometimes even watch movies that are medieval and such. Suprising!

Interesting things.

Nuff said.

Conscious surgery
The man of my dreams (IRONY LOL)
Other countries
Being a character in a movie/book/play/etc
Being famous
etc. etc. etc.

my dog and kuk sool wan

:unk: You spend alot of time doing those things IWL do you Toy Master :wam:

You must lead an interesting life :tongue: :colgate:

One thing that’s never appeared in a dream that I’d expect to see?

Actually, although I use them in my dreams, I don’t remember once seeing a Video Game Console :meh: …OH YESH I JUSHT REMEMBERED MY DREAM

Just like that person who used to have the signature about being moody with failing WILDs said checks name The Toy Master (has that changed?)
I have never dreamt about being on fire.

So far, I’ve never dreamt about any form of slime - slimy moss, that cornflower stuff, (loose definition ahead…) jelly, etc.

Long ago, I decided to do RCs every time I brushed my teeth. You’d expect this to come up in dreams at some point being an everyday thing. But it has only happened once that i can remember. At least since I started doing RCs, and it took a very long time to happen. AND, I did not do a RC in the dream.

That is exactly what made me think of the topic.

I started doing RCs when I made a cuppa because I do it alot everyday. It then occurred to me that I don’t remember having dreamt about making or drinking one so it madethe RCs redundant. :ack:
I can be a bitdim sometimes. :gni:

I still do RC’s when brushing my teeth though. Because at least i’ll remember to do one then, if I forget at other times.

I have never heard a song in a dream.

This is strange, if only because I’m a musician IWL and listen to music on the radio almost constantly! Strange…I didn’t even think about it until this thread, either. :eh:

EDIT: Edited for redundancy. :razz:

…I saw a console 2 days ago :meh: nvm the previous…

Ive never dreamed about chess, and I play alot of it, atleast 5 games a day.
Ive allso never dreamed about this forum.