What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part IX

I was at a ‘lucidiotheek’, a sort of library full of books, comic books and other items (?) about lucid dreams. Across the street was a Lucid Bookstore I wanted to visit next. :gni:

(in the dream) I was discussing lucid dreaming in the supermarket with one of my teachers, and she said “you’re dreaming right now”, and obviously my mind wasn’t satisfied with that response. I remember actually believing her and getting excited, but nothing happened.

I wondered why I was wearing pyjamas…

-I had trouble dancing, felt like my feet were underwater or something. This happens almost every time I try to dance in a dream.

-I was biking and a biplane was about to hit me. I phased through the wings.

-I was on my phone in the dream and my phone started ringing in the other room. I’ve never had two phones.

Nice thread! Im laughing so much, all of this is very relatable!XD

~My sister’s head fell from her body (she was like… a cyborg?) I tried to put it in their place but I failed everytime!

~It was already night & a big storm was coming to town. Then, the sun started to shine and I found that I was in the middle of the day! :eek: I went “Um… This is the kind of things that happens while dreaming” but I got distracted with something else! lol

~I was in a place where I used to study years ago, some friends & I were taking the tests to be able to join the center and they were very anxious about that. I just laughed & told them “No need to worry about the results, we already graduate!” :joy:

The worst missed dreamsigns are those in which you are SO CLOSE to be lucid! Hahahaha

I’ve been having a lot of dreams where I am carrying or shooting a firearm. Maybe six to eight dreams this week.

A giant tyrannosaurs charging around my childhood home garden!!!

I saw some emus near the gate of my home. I thought it was weird before thinking: they must be building a zoo next door. Then I saw a rhino charging through the garden, a pack of wolves, and lions roaring next to me.

About a couple of days ago I met my parents in a dream. I don’t think dream me is doing well on understanding that me and my parents live on a different continent.

Well, if any weird occurrence in a dream is a dream sign, I have plenty of those. :tongue: Lets list some of them, I guess:
-I shrunk myself with a shrink ray.
-I met fairies in their underground city.
-I made lightning hit me, died and came back to life.
-A paramedic jumped into a river without reason.
-Necromorph-like monsters tore me apart and I turned back time to save myself.
-I heard music coming from outside the world. It had no source.
-I said “If this is a dream…”
-I met Goddess of the Moon, Elune, in person.

Those are all from this week. If I have to pick ACTUAL dream signs: turning back time and monsters.

I have to be ashamed at THIS dream, where:

  • a shark swims in an open canal close to people
  • the shark flies, hits a stone archway with its nose, gracefully descends into the water
  • penguins and kids are sliding together
  • I cannot find my shoes and have to walk barefoot
  • my wife suggests this could be a dream, I discourage her to think it, show her how to do a proper RC
  • I go to a car I’ve never seen before

And, despite all that, I do not become lucid :grin:

This creature broke my arm, it didn’t hurt and I didn’t realised it is a dream.
Oh man…

I was on the beach and could see the names of each constellation written in golden letters & dotted lines that formed the corresponding figures drawn on them in the night sky~♥ (It was very pretty! I should draw it!)

To see figures/images on the sky it’s a dream sign of mine but I didn’t even thought about it! And just after that a huge tsunami formed in front of me (my number 1 DS!!!) but I didn’t become lucid at all, I just ran away from it, lol! :joy:

I saw a fight in a big empty parking lot. It was between huge robots with big dumpsters on their backs like bookbags.

Well my dreamsign is a dog I had years ago. He died due to a car accident but I see him still in my dreams. He even can speak to me. I am always very happy to see him :smile:

LOL so much funny :grin:

Several times, I had my dream characters shouting at me that I’d better look at my hands, sometimes just saying something related to the hands, or examining their own hands…It is such a shame because most of my reality checks are hands related.

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So, last night, I was walking around in my old childhood home, and then noticed that instead of walking I was levitating, floating across the room, in sitting position, half a metre above the floor.
I move around like this, bemused, thinking, oh hey, this is cool, I didn’t know I could do that, all those monks trying to levitate and here I am just doing it.
Then I just went about some chores, floating all the while.


Last night I took the train from my parents’ house to my childhood friend’s house. It was a very local train that took several loops through my hiking and fishing spots. I even thought that this was what I used to dream when I was young…

i really really really should learn to recognize this as a dream sign…
last night, dreamt of my husband, who passed away 3 years ago. He explained he was brought back to life for 1 week to be with me. I was so incredibly happy to be able to touch him and see him and hug him that it never crossed my mind I was dreaming. I’d love to be able to recognize this dreamsign as I imagine it would be so much more intense when I can experience this while lucid.

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