What huge dreamsign have you missed lately?

Being a girl… again. Dream Diary entry

Me and some friends are having a contest to see who can stay on an enormous soda bottle while singing the longest… :wow:

I was sitting by someone on a beach with ridiculously huge waves, and I say to them, “This feels really surreal, almost like a dream or something”.

I was at the first school I went to (It’s 7 years since I’ve been there) and I was staring out the window when I told myself: “I have to start asking myself how I got here and there, so I know if it’s a dream or not.”


I was hanging out with my cousin at a family reunion and he has been dead for two months.

The easieset and most common dreamsigns for me to use to trigger lucidity are being in school and whenever a tooth (or teeth) fall out.

In my office I start eating tree leaves. They are autumn leaves (yellow and brown, green has gone). I eat the papery parts, but not the veins. :happy:
Another DC says, “Aren’t the snacks in the next room?” :bored:

I was in a bio final and found Google was sold to Cingular Wireless. :eh:

I ran up a car transporter driving backwards on a motorway. :eek: Dream Diary entry

I have always dreams about school and I don’t realise it’s a dream so dumb :grrr:
Then when I wake up " Omg, wtf, I was dreaming, it can’t be school because it’s vacation :cry: "

Me too. I’ve had around 5 school-related dreams lately and I didn’t notice I was dreaming in any of them. :sad:

I had a dream that this giant clown doll was following me.

I thought “hey, that’s not normal! I must… have been slipped some hallucinogenic drug.”

I was driving a car. The car was a typical American car, with the steering wheel on the left side. So how was this weird? Well, I was sitting in the passenger’s seat but still managing to drive the car without any of the major controls nearby.

Umm, a melting flagpole on top of a burining house. People fighting each other with giant poles and pole vaulting all over the place. Cats fighting each other with giant poles and pole vaulting all over the place.

One time I was climbing a giant sculpture of a dog floating in the ocean next to Las Vegas.

The biggest dreamsign was the fact that I was in the ocean next to Las Vegas…

I don’t always miss huge dreamsigns but I often miss ALOT of little ones. As i say in my dream jornal on the sight i had a dream where I was going to walmart and the store always looked like a military barracks, and i was at an outdoor festival and found one of my friends fast asleep on the ground, covered in blankets, snoring, shirt off, and i didn’t even question it. I also enojyed a delicious cheese flavored milkshake, lol. And to top all off i saw my brother launching magical fireballs on my other brother, and nobody got hurt. for me it’s always a million little things, like i had chance after chance to recognize these events as a dream, but i didn’t.

After a pretty long dream, I dreamed myself going on this site (not the forum) and it said the sites been moved :smile:

I’ve missed quite a few recently:

-Road signs were all different shapes
-My mum can’t drive a carriage
-Einstein is dead…

…and a few others. Dream Diary entry.

Wow, I just woke up from one of my most terrifying nightmares ever. I don’t want to record it, so I’ll just tell you what was the huge dreamsign that I missed before it turned into a nightmare. School’s on. Actually having no trouble at all (having school trouble right now), everything is fine. After a while I go at this place to my sister (she’s at the PC) saying (about a RL conversation yesterday, I asked when the holidays will be over, in 5 weeks). “Hey, can you tell me something? If only one week from holliday is over, why is school on? I have been in school yesterday and today too.” And she said… I don’t know… She said maybe something like “what is the problem”? I asked this question to a lot of persons. I actually asked myself in my mind “how could this be?” I’m so stupid. :content:

Edit: Interesting fact, I think I can say I didn’t connect my thoughts on school with the RL conversation.

He he! Wasn’t your most terrifying nightmare the hugest dreamsign you ever missed also? :wink:

No, I got used to it.