What huge dreamsign have you missed lately?

Slime was dripping from the ceiling of my room, black creatures with 6 legs were chasing me and outside there were so called “frost dogs” that were exuding a temperature of -16degF so you’d literally freeze if they got anywhere close to you.

Also I had a dream about an American Idol contestant performing the same song 2 weeks in a row…

I should have known… -_-"

My alarm clock being altared, or broken, is one of my dreamsigns I miss every time. This DS is usualy in a FA. I dreamed my alarm clock was taller, and it looked like my sound machine, I heard some preacher preaching on it, but I couldnt make out what he was saying.

A little bit ago I did my faithful hand RC. I looked at my right hand. Four of my fingers (not the thumb) were reversed. I completely missed it. I became lucid though only because my pinky (now next to my thumb) was bent at a slightly odd angle. One that I can just about do with my index…wow, what a good reason to be go lucid

Ever done a mirror RC and failed to realize the whole room is at day-time, while the mirror shows a night-time room? Took me some minutes to notice that detail x_X

Wow…this one made me feel a little silly :tongue:
First - I stayed up all night without feeling tired and knew I had a soccer game in the morning (I haven’t played for almost 3 years)
Second - I was with the family from Malcome in the Middle
Third - I could feel no pain (which I realized was bad when I got shot in the arm with an arrow)
Fourth - I tried to put on my class ring to find I had 6 fingers, but instead of becoming lucid, I said that this was too realistic for me to have 6 fingers. I shook my hand till the extra one dissapeared.
Fifth - My ring was messed and too small. I ususaly use it as a RC reminder…

Ya, there were more, but those are the biggest. How could I miss having 6 fingers!? :ack:

Yesterday I had sex in my ND, and I’m 15! :eek:

The biggest dreamsighns I’ve missed are when I change bodies wich happens farly often and when I change genders. I have only had 2 dreams where I stayed one gender the whole way through and one I was a guy, the other a woman.My friends tell me this is because my mind is ballanced between both genders. Sometimes when I change boddies I will think “How did I get here?” but I never RC.

Me and my Brother were cleaning the house. I dusted away the spider webs while he simply folded them up and neatly stored tem away… :eh: Another time I found myself Diving off my roof trying to fly but failing miserably. I got really angry, espeacially when this weird guy came up to me (claiming to be my uncle… He reminded me of a butcher) and tryed to cheer me up… I HATE HIM… :grrr: Not sure why though…

I keep having dreams with mirrors included and that’s one of my main dreamsigns! Can’t.get.into.habit :cry:

I missed a HUGE dreamsign! I recorded myself on my mp3 player saying, “I am dreaming, I am aware that I am dreaming”. In my dream I heard and I realized I was dreaming, but then everything went black. I woke up in a classroom, and the whole time I could here myself saying it. I never got what it meant…

I falled from few kilometers, landed on ground, and went shopping. :razz:


hehe hard one.

Ïve missed that i skipped 5 weeks forward in time (horrible thought , its summer)

I was trying to induce SP and I ended up flying sideways…

I found two teeny-tiny cute little singing spiders. I was so charmed I gave them a pinch of that fancy goat cheese that comes shaped in a pyramid.

Then I ate the rest of the goat cheese. It was delicious!

I was simply walking around underwater, Not holding my breath or anything calmly exploring… I could’ve slapped myself when I woke up for not going lucid :grrr:

I’ve only been actively trying to LD for a few weeks now, and before that, I’d let anything go. I recall once dreaming that I was having a birthday party on the bridge of the USS Enterprise from the original Star Trek series. I remember thinking “cool, it’s Spock!”, but never actually realizing it could possibly be a dream. Another time, only a month or two ago, I dreamed I met a nice, 3-armed young lady on the bus. I found it very strange, but again never considered I could be dreaming.
These past few weeks I’ve frequently dreamed of scenarios in which myself or other people have been nude in public situations. I feel pretty silly in the mornings when I realize I missed something so obvious. The odd thing is that before, I very rarely had dreams involving nudity, but such dreams have been very frequent since I’ve started searching for lucidity. On my very first day of ‘research’, I read that nudity is a common dreamsign for many people (which I really ought to have guessed myself), and I think the frequency of these dreams might be my mind trying to clue me in that I’m dreaming, to help me become lucid.

It’s one of the most curious dreamsigns I’ve ever seen! :happy:

I guess I missed a dreamsign of Tekken 5 here last night. Vague images of the one fighter named Hwoarang floats in my memory…

I slept with two pornstars… :shy:

Ladders appearing and disappearing out of nowhere, my drama teacher spinning around in mid air while acting like a retard, me sitting on a concrete plate and it suddenly being a house with couches etc…