What huge dreamsign have you missed lately?

I really took those two elephants running wild in my neighbourhood for real :eh:

Last night I dreamt that I was in my class, and I turned on and off the light switch just by looking at it. Seemed perfectly normal at the time…

There was a cat which could talk tonight and I find it completely normal. :sad:

Why not? I talk to my cats all the time :tongue:
It’s about time cats started talking back :wink:

When will I ever remember that Lightning McQueen does not exist for real? :grrr:


I looked up at the sky and saw the constellation Scorpio. Except instead of it being made up of a dozen or so stars, it was made up of about 50, and there was actual LINES between each star outlining the image. Didnt bat an eyelid :sad:

Two nights later I looked up at the sky and saw NINE (yes nine) new moons (black moon, earths shadow totally covering the moon), simultanously in the sky together. Totally normal…

And last night I was standing in a room holding a plastic bag in my hand, and became lucid spontaneously. Where is the sense? haha

I was fighting an escaped mental patient in a straight jacket but i never considered how weird it was.

I was a soldier in Ghost Recon, we got to the outside of a brick cave and 4 outta 6 of us were killed, only me and a russian specialist was left. In the game I think his name’s Guram or somethin like that. And the weird thing is, i woke from that dream, had another, and then after waking from the 2nd, i went back to the ghost recon one with all my partner marines alive. And I think we won. Hm…it’s like I entered a cheat code or something.

Oh and I wasnt lucid in any. Wait, except in the 2nd dream, its kinda funny in a weird way. I was in a different level of ghost recon (maybe these games are a dream sign? :content: ) It was dark grey everywhere, with clouds at night. This time there was only 3 of us: me in back, some guy in middle, and for some reason, my spanish teacher in front. :confused: Don’t ask trust me I don’t know why. And we went about 5 steps and the middle guy said “this is what she’ll look like at 80 years old.” and flung a mask in the air. It lands on her face, and the mask looks exactly like she does now. This is the closest I’ve remembered to bein lucid. Cause I was like “that isnt what she looks like at 80.” And I realized I gotta be dreaming only for a second and I woke up. So close!! :cry:

That one is probably up near the top of my weirdest dreams list if I had one.

I was wondering how a accient round chesstable-like weird ceramic thingy helped Spain to take over europe in 480 year A.D. :eek:

When i realized that i might be dreaming, i - using finger - made circle in air and said “HA ! If i were dreaming, i wouldnt be able to do that !”. :bored:

One of those dreams, when after waking up your first thought is big “W T F ? ? ?”

lol, I’ve done stuff like that before. I’ve also become lucid just the opposite way, I’ve become lucid by realizing i had 5 fingers. :tongue:

my wife elbowing me that the limo passing by had golf-cart-wheels. “Don’t you think that is really wierd?!” she yelled at me as she hit me on the shoulder (obviously trying to wake me up). I completely missed the cue.

Well my wife was dating another man…

BUT I’M NOT A GUY!! :bored:

I was back to my old school doing some unuseful lessons, one of my teachers were weirder than normal, bah, what a waste. :sad:

Two nights ago I drempt I was trying to kill a Black Widdow spider about the size of a dinner plate!! It wasn’t scary, just odd.

Last night I dreamed a huge sickle was stabbed in my right shoulder. I wondered how it didn’t hurt at all, but when I tried to remove it, then the real pain started :sad:

I think the title actualy explains most of it…
Evil Magic-Using Monkey Men With Fros!

Then I had another dream where half of it was actualy pretty much a Simpsons episode…and there was martial law declared in school…:eek:

I dreamt I stopped an airoplane with my mind powers… :bored:

cough :wink:
i wonder what made you suddenly want to stop an airoplane SD :peek:

Hmm… maybe cuz it was going to squish someone very spacial… maybe not… :tongue: :peek:

Well my most recent dream gave me the power to fix a fourwheeler that had probably crashed into a wall at 45 miles per hour.

I can’t even replace an air filter.