What huge dreamsign have you missed lately?

1 time i had a dream where i was lost and there were some elephants there (which where by the way walking on 2 feet ad they had a spine which allowed them to look and walk as humans and they talked too! There was 1 male and 1 female and they where on hooneymoon! :happy: lol they even had Sunglasses!! and i didnt realize i was lucid! :razz:

I miss HUGE ridiculously obvious dream signs all the time. Just last night…I was running through the woods with Josh Peck (from Drake & Josh on Nickelodeon - you have to have kids to have seen this show). We were being chased by a mob because we stole some old woman’s cookie dough. HELLO!! DREAM SIGN!!

I did try the cookie dough, and it was very good.

I had a LD and i felt that I was going to wake up and i shouted:

  • NOO, I dont want to wake up! But i woke up - I thought.
    I woke up in my fathers office (!!!) and that seemed absolutely normal at the moment and I sat up in my bed (that was in the office) and said to myself:
    -Why? Why do I always wake up when i get a LD?!!
    Then I woke up for real and realized that I was just dreaming the last time i woke up!!! :grrr:

Well, let’s see. Last night a went on an ocean adventure in a submarine that just happened to be a box. A cardboard box. The challenge was to submarine the coast of this island successfully. I Saw some pretty colorful and crazy coral reef.

I got my head chopped off and sewn(sp?) back on.

I dont have kids and I’ve seen the show :cool:

Yesterday I had a dream in which I got an SMS from my sister, saying she had a lucid dream.
I wanted to tell her to go to ld4all.com but I didn’t have any money in my cell phone.
In the same dream I was surprised to see that the plants in my room were much bigger and more plentiful than usual.
Sometimes after a NLD it feels like deep down I knew that I was dreaming and I was just playing along, trying to fool myself by not thinking about it. It’s pretty annoying.

Last night in a dream I was wearing bright pink pants and a bright orange shirt. :help:

I don’t own clothes like these, and have never seen anybody dressed like this.

But in dream, didn’t care. A little later in the dream I noticed my pants were now green. I told myself its because its night time, the colour has changed.

(When I am dreaming, I will remember to recognize that I’m dreaming…)

Well…Last night when I got up to use the bathroom the ceiling was made of white jello. I remember whatching it jigle around as I went back to sleep. :content:

Just the other night, I was dreaming that this DC should do a RC because he was being flown around by an angel!!

Well…Last night was the night of singing zombie goats chasing after me with hot irons ready to brand my thigh. ?.? Erm… Some time in mid January there was the cereal box princess fairy who told you to wash cars with windex.

Yeah, I’m pretty dense. :3

Le gasp!

You stole my black jello dream!

Le shock!

I was in a bar.:smile:
For lesbians. :happy:
With a priest :grin:
Who was wearing a thong :cool_laugh:
:eek: :help: :eek:

I flew(only a few feet of the ground) down my street and into the woods, and called out, “Hey Lazer! Come here!” and there came Lazer, out of nowhere, a black dragon. I jumped up on his back (about 10 or so feet off the ground) and we went flying. :happy:

The really weird part was that when I first called his name, I knew that Lazer was actualy the name of my fish. I wasn’t even the slightest bit lucid. I thought it was all perfectly normal.

I had this dream durring a nap I had a few hours ago, but only remembered it now…dunno why… :shrug: Maybe, once I do become Lucid flying will come with ease, or maybe I’ll just have to summon Lazer agian. Either way, it’ll be fun :mrgreen:

*Ysim wishes this was all perfectly normal

In the dream there is a little kitten. She looks like a nice normal kitten. But she has a little pipe that she uses to smoke pot :bored:
Silly kitten, say no to drugs (okay catnip is okay). :happy:

Last night I was hovering up and down the flights of stairs at school, and my school didn’t even look like it did in real life :tongue:

I was wrestling, in 3CW, which is a big enough dreamsign, cos i haven’t even been to training yet! but then i went up against Stevie Lynn in an I Quit match for the championship and won! Which is a DEFINITE sign… but i missed it…

Two nights ago, I dreamt that I was in a C&C Renegade (that’s a game :wink: ) map. Every polygon in that dream was a big fracking dreamsign, and I can’t believe I missed it. My last dream though was so realistic that even now I can’t really tell it from reality. Scary.

I’m such an idiot! Last night I had another dream with my grandmother in it. I usually pick it up now, but not last night. ARG!

I FELT SOOOOO STUPID~!~ i was listening to a lucid induction cd in my dream and i remember saying… this will never work ! so i threw the cd and went on riding on horses