What huge dreamsign have you missed lately?

A few night ago i dreamt i could breathe under water …ARRGGGH so close

i was in a video game and there were instructions on how to control me using certain buttons next to me and i remember reeading them and i was like wait hes pressing d why am i talking to the pelican and not attacking it. :razz:

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I dreamt that my cat was outside and that I was on my computer. I suddenly got a email from my cat, who writes that I need to go and open the door for her, so that she could come inside again… say no more.

Not exactly the most obvious, but funny nonetheless.
I :rofl:

I recently missed a dreamsign that involved a cat too. It wasn’t exactly funny but it’s a lost opportunity all the same.

In my dream I was laying in wait for a guy to come home so I could kill him (stayed up late watching forensic shows that night :content: ) and a guard dog attacked and mauled me. Then right before my eyes it turned into a scraggly looking kitten that playfully boxed my hands around with its paws. I kicked myself when I woke up straight after and missed the chance to go lucid.

Once i had a dream of my dead cats head was growing on my left leg, speaking to me as it was normal…

i was playing paintball and a bunny shot me, now the bunny thing was strange but me getting shot out thats just crazy :smile:

The axis of the hands on my watch was moving on all around the watch face. How could I miss that? :confused:

At a lake with my brother I see a large crocodile swimming. I tell him “When I was younger, the crocodiles were smaller.” :happy:
(There are no crocodiles in Canada! except for zoos, and maybe in sewer…)

Another dream, I am with my father walking in the forest. I see some flying squirrels. Then I start flying like a squirrel, gliding on the wind. Look out, I almost flew into a tree :cool_laugh:

Next time I will become lucid…

flying like a squirrell is not much a huge dreamsign because im sure it was fun to do it. So if it was so fun you don’t spend time thinking about becoming lucid to do something more good.

Hi Sepultura,
yes it was fun to fly like a squirrel. It felt very free to be up in the air gliding on the wind.

But I was eager to get lucid again. Next night I had a short lucid, which wasn’t as much fun as squirrel dream. :neutral:

So you’re right. When having a fun dream. Enjoy it! :grin:

lol hmm … last night I dreamt of the end of the world and dimissed the thought that I was dreaming … sigh… why o why…

Twice last month I encountered my dead cat. I was pretty happy to see her too :confused:
In one, I called for my mother to come see her, but she disappeared when my back was turned. In the other, I ran to get my camera (telling the cat to stay there, we had a hand signal) and she waited for me to get back and snap a picture together, though of course a dream camera isn’t very useful in the waking world…

One time a couple years back I played Tribes 2 for like 8 hours straight, then went to bed. EVERY dream that night, I was living that game, and didn’t notice anything amiss!. This effect also happens with other games/things that took up most of the day, probably because my brain gets used to the stimulus.

i wish i even had dreams, or could remember them that is… well, i can recall some dreams from my childhood…

i once dreamt that i got a flying machine in my birthday, if anyone of you have played Sonic on those old Sega machines, the bad guy has this flying machine, i got one of those and flew out on the balcony and around the neighbourhood… that is the best dream i can remember in my intire life :smile:

i had it pretty rough when i was a kid so i usually had nightmares, but i had a wide smile around my face when i woke up from this dream, then followed a sad day cause it was only a dream :content:

My SG, people who are no longer alive, no shadows, places I have never been to before, and no shadows around objects that should have them.

The no shadow thing look difficult. I can’t even see 100% clear in a dream. Its always a little foggy , how can you put attention to shadow in a normal dream ?

Light bulbs blow and switches don’t work I miss all those things on regular basis.

Me and my friend in fist to fist combat with the KKK :eek:
and when they got mad cause we were kicking there ahem butts, they turned yellow :tongue:

Well, that I was in a boxing ring against some huge guy and everytime he punched me it wouldn’t hurt, so I beat him up.

Seeing my deceased pet, repeatedly, after telling myself that any circumstances in which I saw her would necessarily be a dream. D’oh!