What I believe to be a true OBE I experienced in the past

I didn’t even really believe in OBE at first, I remember a story of my dad being knocked out from running full sprint into a door on accident (was glass), he hit the wall and stood there, but saw his body fall back and everyone run up to him, and he followed h is body blah blah. He told me that a while back but never knew how I felt about it.

Mine was simple, I just realized I was floating above my body in a different way, I actually had eye visuals, they were weird but not dream like, don’t know how to explain it. I slowly floated into the hallway and I saw my mom get out of her room, saw what she was wearing, the purse she had, the phone in her hand, and as soon as she walked through my floating self and into my bedroom I was sucked back to my body and I awoke to see her finishing where I saw her leave off, with the same clothes, purse, cell phone… I basically laid in my bed for the next hour and a half in awe… I didn’t know what to think of it.

Sorry for the long explanation!

But tell me your thoughts… was it “just an ld”?

Most likely, it wasn’t “just a LD”. Dreams in which you can verify later information you’ve seen are very rare. I just know two serious examples in my whole life, the most striking of them being the father of a friend of mine who managed to find in a LD the house where was the dog which killed recently a duck in the city park (his work consists in guarding this park). This city has about 10,000 inhabitants, so it wasn’t so easy to find where the dog came from. About the second example, it’s incredible but I can remember it though it has been told to me two weeks ago. :cry: Perhaps I didn’t believe it eventually. :neutral:

This is generally explained through OBE’s, but it’s also possible to imagine that we can experience “remote viewing” in some rare dreams.

Interesting stuff there. That’d be quite odd. I wasn’t a true believer until it happened to me. I know the story of my encounter itself isn’t very interesting, nothing crazy. But it boggled the heck out of my mind because of everything my mom was wearing and holding when I saw her in the hallway in my floating form then seeing her enter my room, then me entering my body and her wearing/holding everything exactly the same. So what was told to you 2 weeks ago? :wink:

I noticed that the most impressive cases are generally not paranormal and can be easily explained, and on the opposite the most interesting cases are very simple and not impressive at all. For instance, you can have a look in the Precog Dreams topic.

And about the second story that was told to me 2 weeks ago, I still don’t remember :sad: (but it was after a meal washed down with plenty of wine, so I’ve some excuses :tongue: ). Anyhow, I remember who told the story to me, so I can ask him again.