What i did wrong? My eyes just opened. [ANSWERED]

So i was walking down some narrow street, sun was shining, i was counting something on my fingers, then i wanted to find out how much i counted so i looked on my hand, i had 4 fingers opened, 2 closed. So i checked my other hand and there was just 4 fingers. So i said to myself ok, this is a dream, keep calm, everything looks good, its a dream, now what was i supposed to do in LD? what was my quest? Find out, look around.

And then my eyes IRL just opened wide. I can not figure it out, what i did wrong. i wanted to do chaining technique, but i couldn’t fall asleep.
Can someone more experienced help me?

Might this happened because I was sleeping very lightly?

Were you too excited about having a LD? Maybe that was the cause.
I used to calm myself by walking around, touching stuff to feel the dream more and more. Focusing on senses makes you go a lot more lucid. And also, do not worry about what quest you have to do while lucid… just take a little walk in your dream and then you will get some idea, this works for me most of the times.

thats exactly what i was doing. I keep myself calm, I started walking, rubbed my hands, I looked from side to side, Then i saw my dream world tear opened because my eyes opened. And my nicely vivid and strong LD was ruined. I had lots of LDs and I’m sure there are lot of LDs before me so I want to prevent something like this happens again. The irony is that my Quest was actually focusing on my body, Try to experience lots of sensations from my sences and do some gymnastic. Something like Dream body training.

Yea that tends to happen at times even the slightest click IRL has a chance of ruining it…Flashback to my suite mate waking me from a nice one

I have to agree with Koharo. You were probably just sleeping light and something IWL made a noise. I had this with my last LD, every time my boyfriend even sighed I would snap out of it, I suppose it’s just one of those things. :smile:

Today I read in LaBerge’s book that IRL eyes copy the Dream eyes movements in LD’s. Last thing i remember before my eyes opened is that i was trying to focus and made LD more vivid by opening my eyes wider. Now i know it was very bad idea.

For the future me: Concentrate on object you see rather than on your dream eyes.