What interesting names have you heard/read in your dreams?

Have you ever asked or heard the name of a DC in a dream, lucid or not? What unusual/strange/nonsense names do they have? How about strange places with bizarre names? Or even alien objects that are called something specific by a DC?

I’ll share a few I can remember to get started.

  • I once asked a girl what her name was and she answered “Three Strawberry Rivers”.
  • I read another girl’s name on a test or document: “Samshya Hammish”.
  • From my DJ, a girl called “Kila”, though I don’t even remember that dream.
  • “Reque”. It was a tiny transparent plastic pot with what looked like ground meat inside. That’s what a DC called it.
  • A coffee shop called “Le Pense”.
  • And from one of my most memorable dreams, a land called “Arasan”. Cool blue houses by the sea and some nice music.

-In one dream where I believed to be in a game, I met a player who called himself Dystanius Dreamy. He was streaming the game on twitch.

-A monster called Torni (finnish word for “tower”). It’s a mix between a yak and an eagle. Long fur, curved horns, wings.

-I was flying in dream-Holland. I flew over a massive work of art. It was a miniature town with tiny waterfalls and everything. I flew pretty low to see the art. The season in the miniature town changed along the way. The name of the artwork was “Four seasons”.

-A laptop had facebook open and I saw a name on there: “Åker”

-I explored a fantasy world with a girl that I called Laura. I don’t know her in waking life. We flew around in a desert, coming across a sphinx and a small town. She disappeared when we encountered a white tower in a forest, near a river and a muddy road.

-I came across a small town next to a lake. They called it Fisher lake.

-I designed a character named Karen for CALD and met her in a dream. She didn’t make me lucid and I didn’t like her. Haven’t seen her since. :happy:

-In one dream another lucid dreaming forum went down and the members had to join ld4all. Now the forums had two parts that had their own admins. The admin of this new part was called “Nightmare”. I was reading a topic where Nightmare and “Loah_left” were discussing something.

-A scientist with black wings was called Haggart and Satan.

-I was with an old friend in one dream and didn’t recall his name. He was writing a note to someone and I tried to see what name he used to sign it. He signed it with “NIMI” which is finnish for NAME :happy:

-I helped my brother find a powerful weapon in a sci-fi MMO we were playing. It was on another planet that was really cool looking. The weapon was a powerful shotgun that was the size of a skyscraper. Every player had a robotic battle armor called “drones” and that shotgun was the best weapon for it. The shotgun was called “Ultragun”.

-I had a katana with a colorful aura. The sword was called “Rainbow Blade” and it allowed me to fly when I was wielding it.

-In a lucid dream where I was trying to use the TARDIS, the computer had a bunch of nonsense on it. Some sort of map of the galaxy had words like “mega hyperspace” and " explosive ultra-hyperspace".

-I had a spirit as a companion in a game dream. I called it Lucidus.

Wow, that’s a huge list!

Also, pretty cool you got to meet your CALD character. I’ve never tried CALD, but I can barely meet non-imaginary characters when I want to… :tongue:

Yeah, took a few hours to check through my dream journals and make the list. I’m gonna try CALD again when I meet a character in a lucid dream that I want to appear again to make me lucid. I might have to create it all by myself, if one doesn’t just appear.

  • Toreclay
  • Keyes Jangling
  • Gee Tar-Smashing (a musician)
    -I named a cat “Cat”
  • Emma X (a music group)
  • Group of four (another music group)
  • don’t call (a showbusiness agency)
  • dRop DeStopShop (a grocery store)
  • Afterplay and afterdrinks (a book)
  • L.A laught (a type of coffee)


a cat called ‘Trucage’

hahaha, love this one! :rofl:

Hehe! :content:

probably had some but i really dont remember any, this a great thing to talk about when trying to figure out names for characters and places when writing a book :content:

Last night I saw a jazz band play, it was called “Tom and Max and Sam the Bunny”. Two guys with beards, black suits and hats playing the drums (each playing the exact same thing) and someone playing a piano, hidden behind it. I imagine that was the bunny.

It seems like more and more of my dream characters are getting names, like
-Caroline Sword
-Bah Guiyttmo
-Carrel Guiyttmo
-Timi Zichyona

Those are some pretty unique names! :smile: I’m guessing both Guiyttmo’s were in the same dream? Did you learn of their relationship? And did you see the names written down or is that specific spelling sort of a guess?

Indeed! ^^ Yes, the were in the same dream but I don’t know how they were connected. I think I saw them written down, but in dreams I often “see” my thoughts and things people say as well as hearing it.

There is one I recall from years ago. A fortune-teller at a fairground called ‘Madam Torso’. I never did manage to get my fortune told despite trying numerous times.

Strange/interesting Names…?
I remember having to go on a quest for The Womanizer Dress sometime between 2008 and 2010
-Sometime between 2010 and 2011, I heard of a rapper named Lamb Slaughter Lamb
-Got tossed around by what Thorn’s DC referred to as a [i]Biogenetic Terminator/i.
-Met a cute girl -werewolf-, but never got her name during the first encounter. We cross paths in another dream about two weeks later where I learn her name, Nemmy. (Early 2015)

I saw a tombstone with the (sur)name Ganeaant on it.
Later in the same dream there was an ad for a new Castlevania game where the protagonist was called Eco Eke.

I don’t often dream of imaginary names in dreams. The most interesting one I stumbled across was probably the planet Osana in a dream of mine. It was a remote colony of mankind. Forum member Fate had ancestors from that planet xD

A scientist with his last name as Cedawan. He managed to annoy Doctor Manhattan and survive.

Last night I saw a small restaurant called “Perceivable Foods”. It was also a Skyrim mod… somehow. :confused: