What is a Dream guide?

After knowing about Lucid dreaming for about a year, I still don’t know what a Dream guide is, could someone clarify for me?

I assume your are talking about spirit/light guides, if not forive my poor english :smile:. A Dream Guide can be a person you knew in your life but had died, it can be somebody you have never met before and it can be someone from your past lifes (if you believe in that). Having said that it can also be a giant talking ant, in other words the appareance of a dream guide is different with each one.

It is said that each person has one guide that will stay with you for your entire life. Other guides may come to you to help you solve specific issue’s in your life. Your guides will only give advice and answers on questions and will never force you to do anything.

As far as i know you can communicate with your guide during dreams, when astral projecting and during deep meditation.

Thank you, Now I understand :smile: