What is Astral Projection?

The title says it all. I tried searching for AP and the most accurate result was “Icemistress” 's experience of AP. But i still don’t fully understand what it is and how it can be done? :confused: :confused:

Please Answer me someone :help:

There’s so many varing beliefs on this one I can see several different theories being thrown at you here.

First off have you used the search feature here? There are several topics on AP already.

Anyways, here’s a brief version of what AP’s are to me and through my experiences.

Astral Projection is the ability to project the conscious mind outside of the physical body, your appearence in this stage varies from person to person and there is no predefined form. Most of the time you look like you do normally.

It is usually achieved through a medatitive like state or done in a similar way you would use WILD for Lucid Dreaming.

In the astral form you are able to go anywhere and even observe what people are doing. You can interact with object as everything has an astral body, but it will not effect the physical world item. So you couldn’t goto your friends house and pick up their coffee cup and scare the heck out of them. But you can observe them and what they are doing. Some time ago a friend of mine used to visit me through Astral Projection and she would talk to me the next day on MSN and told me what I was doing ect.

Hope that helped you.

I have actually used the search feature and i only found one thread on someone’s experience when she tried AP. Thank you DM for your quick reply :smile: . i have one more question to ask maybe you can help answer this one as well :content: how does AP differ from LD ?

IMO that can be boiled down to LD’s are vivid dreams that you are aware of and can control. APs allow you to explore the astral planes of exsistance and some other areas and require an altered state of awareness but are not dreams.

Some people say that OBEs are the same thing and can be reached through dreaming. But there’s several other topics where I have give my oppinion on that one so won’t go into it again here.

Use the search feature on the Beyond dreaming forum with the terms “astral” or “projection”. There are tons of posts about this, for instance:
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As this has been discussed many times, and the “Lucidity and AP?” thread, which is about the same question you asked, is rather recent, I’ll lock this topic.

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