What is Lucid Dreaming to You?

I have had several low lucid dreams before I have ever learned about lucid dreams which was recently, I thought about the concept of it from lyrics I heard in a song, so I searched google and of course it exists and people have been doing it for a long time.
Lucid Dreaming has to be one of the greatest and most exciting things a person can find in their life, seriously, people talk about it on here like its nothing, but im sure thats out of experience and it becomes natural. But im sure anyone and everyone was absolutely excited when they thought of the concept.

Now, for the question, what is Lucid Dreaming to You?
Is it you acting with all characters of your subconscious (DCs are all you) and a world created all by you and your imagination?

Or is LD a whole new world, like an internet our brain connects to where we can interact with our own subconscious and with other people who are also ‘connected to this internet’ world? (From what ive read, experienced LDers can interact with other LDers) <-- so this seems to be the best example I can give to guess as to what it seems most experienced LDers accept the LD world concept as. Like a world where our brains/subconscious can connect and interact with itself and with others.

If anyone who has been practicing LD for a long time, and has some strong theories or cool experiences in interacting with other LDers, itd be nice to see how you perceive LD and whats one of the most ‘beyond’ LD experiences youve ever had?

First of all, I’m sorry if any of us come off as non-chalant about lucid dreaming. It should be viewed as an amazing experience and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are few things that annoy me more than a natural lucid dreamer telling me that they have lucid dreams everyday with no emotions in their words.

As for the lucid dream itself, I view it as an altered state of consciousness where there are very few consequences. I say few consequences, because I think the interactions with our DC’s may have an impact on our subconscious, but that’s another topic up for debate.

When you are in the lucid dream, it is, in my opinion, in one of the most content states we can be in. We have no worries and have a world of possibilities in front of us.

Lastly, shared dreaming, or an “internet” type world you described is not highly accepted as part of a lucid dream. It is generally accepted as an individual experience, a journey into your own subconscious. However, there are people on this very site who swear by it, but there isn’t any solid, accepted opinion on it. I personally believe it is possible, but requires an incredible amount of knowledge and practice if the person wants to achieve it consistently.

I haven’t had too many LD’s yet… But for me the best part would be to get rid of my nightmares. I don’t have them very often, but that is only because I know how to avoid them… I have this very strange thing with films. If I watch a film about murder, torture or any other cruel aspect (even if it’s a child movie) I get extremely scared before I fall asleep. And when I fall asleep I relive it in the most cruel ways.
For me that means I can’t watch horror movies, even though I often like the plot. I even have problems with detectives and fantasy-trillers. It annoys me, and it would be way better if I at least knew I could control it in my dreams. So I’m working on it :wink:

Besides that lucid dreaming seems a very nice and exciting way to spend the night :content: I think it’s awsome to be able to create anything you want, in a world you can totaly controle, but that can still surprise you!! To me, it sounds like a great adventure!!

I believe that LD’s are all within our SC. There may be something more to it (hence shared dreams), but from all of the evidence I’ve seen, it’s mostly within our minds. But is that a bad or mundane thing? Not at all. We normally have a difficult time communicating with our SC, and LD’s give it a chance to speak with us in a way we can understand it. To me, LD’s are a way to know myself a little better. Nothing spiritual, nothing magical, but just as wonderful.

I’m no natural, and I’m not very experienced (I’ve had four LDs in the past two years), but I find that this is a personal journey for me. I’m attempting to understand myself better. If I understand myself better, then I can be more aware of my actions. Basically the same as Rhewin :content:

I don’t believe in shared dreams, but I do believe in coincidences.