What is meant by being "prelucid"?

I have always seen this term thrown around on this forum and I really don’t know what prelucid means?

It sounds like you are just about lucid… but your not! Which I think is kind of wrong… because you are either lucid or your not!

But, it might mean something else altogther… :shrug:

I don’t know if this term is well known in english LD’ing litterature. It’s perhaps the case, because I see it has been used on the forum since the very beginning.

I know this term from Christian Bouchet’s thesis. It refers to dreams which are not lucid (you don’t know you’re dreaming), but are related to LD’s in a certain way. They most often appear when you are interested in lucid dreaming, so that it has been noticed that the more you have PLD’s the more you have chances to have a LD.

They may be related to LD’ing by their content: dreaming about dreams, about lucid dreams (for instance talking about lucid dreams), about stuff you generally do in a LD, wondering whether you are dreaming, but deciding you are not.

They may be too related to LD’ing because of their level of awareness. Some dreams are conscious or controlled, they are akin to LD’ing. For instance dreams in which you have to concentrate very hard on a task, some flying dreams in which you have to concentrate in order to fly. In some false awakenings, your level of consciousness is very near to the waking consciousness (sometimes better than in lucid dreams!) but you don’t know you’re dreaming. They are also rare dreams in which you believe you have died in your sleep and you are a flying soul, and your level of awareness is very high.

All these dreams cannot be considered as lucid, as you don’t know you’re dreaming. But they are special, that’s the reason why this term “prelucid” has been created.

I thought pre-lucid is when you’re almost lucid, but not quite there… when you get the feeling “something is wrong here, this doesn’t make any sense” but you just can’t get to the part where you realize that you’re dreaming?

Dream on. // Olesia

Thanks Basilus West…

So basically, they are Non LDs that may have become a LD due to the nature of the dream being somehow related to LDing. (as opposed to a ordinary normal dream!)

:yes: that is prelucid too

“Wondering if you’re dreaming but deciding you’re not” that sounds like a very good definition to me!

Yes, I think they could be defined like that… It’s a good summary. :smile: