What is reality, really?

Reality is the manifestation of thought. Much of our reality come from the subconscious and unconscious mind in such that we believe we have no control over our thoughts and beliefs. :vulcan_salute: Spending time working on our thoughts consciously we can manifest the things we would like as our reality, however this manifestation may not always happen in the way we expect. :crazy_face:

How does mindfulness help us to become our new reality?

Are our beliefs unchangeable and true?

Go… :bike:

I agree much with you.
I manifest a lot,to get lucid dreams.In the end,it always work

Manifestion is key,intent is key.

This is key for reality,our beliefs are true

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I think, I may completely agree with you. I was thinking about it much time.

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Seems to be some kind of torture thing inbetween the good stuff

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