What is stopping me?

Last night i can vaguely remember having a lucid dream! although i dont feel i was fully in control, because i said before i went to bed id try to prolong a lucid dream if i had one. :happy:, i remembered having my hands raised to my side, me shouting, try to power up like on dragon ball z, When i woke up i forgot to try and prolong it by rubbing my hands together… and it was straight from a ND

My question is, why wasn’t i able to “power up”? nothing happened… Is it because i still slightly thought i was awake? because i can’t remember (now) realising it was a dream.

I think it’s all this mixed up.

You thought you are awake and you weren’t sure you’re dreaming? well then, your mind wasn’t able to accept that it’s you who can control the world. In waking life, you can’t “power up”. And so you, kind of thought that it’s impossible.

If you had been sure to be dreaming, you had been sure of your ability to “control”.

Dreams are build on what you expect. If you dont really expect to power up, you don’t. Don’t try or wish or hope - Just be sure that it will happen. Expect it to happen, and it will.

At least, that’s what i would suggest :tongue: i could be wrong of course