What is suppose to happen Dec 21, 2012...

or that’s the day the mayans will return maybe?:S

I think a major revolution will occur, maybe christianity or somthing will be proven wrong…

It’s very unlikely that any belief can be proven wrong… That’s the difference between belief and knowledge, or religion and science and so on. Christianity has been existing for two thousand years - what can disprove it, if even now you can meet people, trying to prove that every given word in this or that book is final and absolute truth? Religions never disappear for some logical reasons, they just go out of fashion…

I honestly believe that nothing spiritual or ‘supernatural’ will occur. The only thing I think will occur is the beginning of another long cycle…

The fact that many people have a little voice inside them which tells them that nothing will happen, obviously have a lot of mental blockages created by the freaky Western civilization of technology :angry:

If someone tries to view this subject purely and does research he/she will find out that these profecies and theories have nothing not gain marketwise by forcing people to beleive in it (unlike NostraDamus). Moreso, when she/he discovers about synchronities, he will start feeling that many things in our life “make sense” :hurray: :woot:

I beleive that the specific date wont be a sudden doom day, as the changes in earths consiousness will begin from this new Dreamspell year. Some people will chose the road of technology and fear :dark: :scared: , while other, the road of wisdom, purity (not christianity-wise) and consiousness. The latter will transit to a higher dimension in 2012. :grouphug: :cloud9: :obe:

Alex C

Ah I love the fact that that sort of comment just validates exploras quote in this thread [A Survival Guide for the Road to 2012)

Just goes to show exactly how much the calendar can influence and change things :cool:

I will be 20 by then… Maybe one of us points to everyone on forum will do something amazingly good? Or everyone realises religion doesn’t work? Or we wage war with dust?

I found this link…


If it’s already been said, sorry. I can’t read all the 6 pages at the moment.
I doubt anything will happen, but I really hope that mankind will stop being the blasphemy towards life it is now.

Nuke war! KILL EM ALL! WOO! Sorry, but i get a little carried away at the thought of a nuke war… WOO! plays special war mix WOOHOO! gets into plane YAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHH! drops nukes

a little extraterrestrial catches nukes that HebrewB has dropped and sais many unpleasant words about the modern humanity
But it is still interesting, how the idea of a nuclear war sometimes seems to be “cool” (I’m talking about myself, not someone else). What inside us makes us think that destroying the world is anyhow funny?

The Atom bomb, is allmost a paranormal bomb, in the sence that it splits the atom. I cant imagine the damange a nuckelar war would do. A nuckelar bomb might even stop time somehow. I do think it would be a cool way to die, but… then againe if we really had the choice to die in a nucklar bomb, or go on living, I would choose to go on living.

Yep. At least to let all the other life go on - those who have no choice. Though we are still destroying anything living on this unlucky planet - but more slowly.

I heard somewhere that Einstein had actualy envented a teletrasporter. They had some expirament where a crew on a ship was being teletrasported to 300 miles away, they kept showing up in two places allmost at once, it lasted for a few secounds, and after the expirament everyone on board got sick. Is this true. Its a little off topic, sorry.

The cool thing is that you die and don’t have to live the aftermath.

And about the above post, it’s called Philadelphia Experiment. They wanted to make a battleship invisible, but the experiment went so wrong to the point of just being silly.

me too!!!
and… wtf?

everyone remember Y2K? lol

I myself have a hard time trying to believe the world will end. Anything can happen at anytime. I’m not saying that everything that happens is completely random, but something as much as the world ending. Maybe something in humanity will change come 2012, making it the end of world as we know it, but I just don’t think its going to end completely. Besides, if it is inevitable and the world will end on exactly 12-21-2012, I just assume live the last six years as best we can. I cerainly will.


this topic really interests me what i belive will happen is we will all become more spiritual , be better people i also think it will be the end of war and money , no more crimes it will be a better world.

In my opinion nothing is gonna happen. At least not so much ,that humanity will be destroyes etc.etc. People feared 1000 year, second millenium, Nostradamus’s prophecys. But NEVER anything happened.

If I am wrong, There wont be chrismas. But really, There are thousands things we should be more worried. We can die everyday, by accient, by illness, and by hundred of another ways, not because of Inca’s calendar ending.

hehehe. Ain’t gonna happen brother, however nice it may sound though.