what is the 1st dream you remember? Part II

When I was maybe three or four years old, I had a dream that three witches were chasing after me on broomsticks on the second floor of my house. In my house there is an open foyer and an open family room, so the second floor has a balcony overlooking the family room. In my dream, the balcony disappeared and the floor began to sink and bend so that I fell to the family room. Before I even fell, I woke up.

That was the first dream I could ever remember.

My dreams were really wierd when i was young, they made absolutely no sense at all.

I was in a park outside my house, it was snowy outside, and i sled down some poor old hut’s roof. then the picture zoomed out and i was in bed, fully awake.

I think I was 5 or around that age, for sure before going to school… i was at the seaside with my grandmother

near the town i was there was another town (it’s name is Alassio), this town has developed around a long and winding road that, even if it’s divided in a lot of smaller roads with normal names is known as “the gut” (in my language “il budello”), this road was in the old times the principal road of the town but for the ancient Roman road that goes from Rome to Paris that in that spot follows the seaside, now it is a tourist route full of shops, bars, some really rich house…

I dreamt I was in that road near an old metal door and I was someway attracted by the door, I remember i’m hanging around it when some girl passing by (she must have been like 16 or 17 years old so for me at that age she was adult) told me not to go near it because in that house lived something she called “living beings”… I don’t know why, but after she said that I knew that the “beings” were witches…

and that’s all I can remember…

for mine i was like 5 or 6 and…

i remember being on a beach and i saw these nintendo 64 style purple dogs running across it. it felt so relaxing for some reason. probably one of the best dreams ive ever had lol… i dont know why though

The first dream I can remember was this:
I was walking in a town with my family, and some time I suddenly realise they weren’t near me anymore. I look around and I can just see them going around the corner. I run to the corner, and see them go around another corner. This happens a couple of times. I yell to them, but they don’t hear me :cry: . I get really scared, and continue following them. Near the end of my dream I go around a corner, and I see them walking towards an arc-de-triomphe-like building. I yell :help: , and they finally notice. I :hugs: my mom, and the dream ends:)

BusySleeping, when I read your post, I was astound.
My first dream is the same.
Maybe we can discuss it with MSN ???

My first dream… I must have been a baby. Is that even possible…?
– I don’t know, but my first dream was… I was laying in my crib, staring at the door, when gargoyle demmons poked their head up over the top of the railing, and stared at me, then headed towards me inside the crib. 4, I think, I cried and cried and the door opened and my dad came in, they were gone, I woke up… XD

^ :hide: I feel scared, just imagining that

Imagining my dream…? O-o;;

^yes, to see gargoyles come to life, staring at you.

I’ve just remembered one of my most scariest few seconds as a child, about 4 or 5. It wasn’t a dream. It was dark and being little, i couldn’t reach the light switch. Then suddenly i saw a very evil looking Punch and Judy appear in front of me and i probably thought they were angry with me or something :tongue:

Wow, now that I think about it that WOULD be scary irl… why is that not as scary as a baby…?! O_o;

Your dream would probably be frightening too, if I know who PUnch and Judy were…

The first dream I remember was from when I was five or so. I was on a huge, depressing purple landscape with giant Dots (the candy) all over it. I met this guy with a harpoon turret gun thingy, and he threatened to shoot me with it. I suddenly turned up in my bed, but it was a FA. A giant Brio turntable began emerging from under my bed and I woke up.

Oops, I forgot posting here!
The first dream I recall, I was something around 3 years old, it was a FA, I woke in a calm and yellow room, the sky had beautiful stars, after I woke up for real I realised it didn’t happen in real life, I guess it was the first time I recalled a dream with such good details seeming to be real.
I have never forgotten this one.

The first dream, well nightmare really, that I remember was when I was somewhere between 4 and 5. I was in this dark room and suddenly this huge giant clown type thing starts roaring and chasing me :scared: . I was totally freaked out at the time and i have hated clowns eversince!

Ok, first dream I remember (probably b/c it was so disturbing) was also a recurring dream for several years (i seem to have those). It was about my preschool teacher who I really liked! Well, in this dream apparently I didn’t really like her. I would be pedaling this bike-thing contraption that would shoot knives into my preschool teacher. Yikes!!

The first dream i remember was when i was 6 or 7 yrs old. I was sitting with my grandma on these stairs playing with a toy car all these rocks started to fall from the sky first they were small but got bigger and bigger. My sister ran up to me grabbed me and ran to this picture theatre. In there the rocks started to smash through the roof and she ( my sister ) grabbed a trash can lid and stood over me to protect me. She died and i woke up screaming. That dream has haunted me ever since. The feeling of lost was evil and I have watched over her ever since. Not a nice one to remember

I have no idea how long ago this nightmare happened but it was quite scary at the time.

It starts with me running out my room like something is chasing me , I run downstairs into the dark hallway and collapse onto the ground with strange dark things with red eyes coming out of the shadows , hands reaching out at me. I woke up about then , sweating.

i remembered one that was earlier then the only i previously posted!!!

I was at some Martial Arts training place and i rode a dirt bike into a big pit of these foam blocks.

that sounds really cute and fun Hichmuén :smile: