What is the astral body?

I don’t know what it is, my dictionary can’t answer it.

So what is the astral body? Not your soul/spirit, is it? (when it comes to OOBE-s)

Its just one of the many words referring to the so called “immortal side” of our being, call it spirit, soul, whatever. There’s some guru’s though who also split up the astral body in several other body’s etc to make it a bit more confusing…

What I have heard is that it is a body that is generated by us that exists on a plane of pure energy. I have spoke with a few people who claim they can reach the astral plane with their astral body and take concsious control of it. On that plane they are suppost to be able to influcance others through their astral plane and whanot.

What I think it is. Is the body generated by us wich exists on a plane of pure energy.

Not generated, interconnected. And if you take the idea of an astral body for true, then this body is always in the astral and thus it is no special skill anyway to reach the astral plane. It’s just a matter of awareness.

I don’t think it’s considered as immortal. In the original Middle Ages conception of the “astral body”, it was the link between the physical body and the spirit. The spirit was immortal. The astral or sideral body was there in order to explain how planets could influence human beings. In XIX century occultism, Eliphas Levi shared quite the same conception. He said that after death, the astral body was separated from physical body, then floating here and there for a while, then slowly desintegrated. In his opinion, dead astral bodies are ghosts.

Then Helena Blavatsky mixed this notion with hindu subtle bodies. She said :“There are three aspects of one thing. The first, Linga Sharira disappears with the body; the second, Mayavi Rupa, survives as a temporary independent entity in the Astral Light; the third, immortal.”

Actually some people consider you have to create a dream body. You can find this idea for instance in Castaneda, in Tibetan buddhism and in Gnosis.

Well Basilus it’s all a matter of definition. Some use it the way you define it, but I know many who don’t. I dont see the astral body as the same as dreambody for example. To me, its just all that is not definable as physical, but perhaps I lump too much under one name? lol…

Isn’t the astral body made u of pure energy inhich we are capapble of conciously taking control of?

That’s just why I decided to do historical researches about it. Because I suspected modern “astralists” (some of them are famous and you can easily find their site) to use a term they don’t even know the meaning. When they talk about “astral body” they automatically refer to Paracelsus, Levi and Blavatsky. But they obviously didn’t read them and invented they own definition and properties. It’s just like you call “an electric iron” a bicycle. :wink:

That’s right. Dream body seems to refer to the fake body we have in LD’s. I would have say the “special dream body”. It’s the term the Dalai Lama uses in one of its books when he says it is able to travel everywhere.

Hmmm… if they’re right, and if there is in human being a mortal part and an immortal one, it’s rather important to distinguish between them, don’t you think so? :tongue:

Yep. It’s made of prana (or chi) in the eastern definition. And of “astral light” in the old western ones.

Confusing… :confused:

Isn’t it? :wink: That’s why I prefer not to believe in astral. :content:

ok. i havnt researched it or anything, but i think it is when your second level of conciousness makes contact with you ‘soul’ and they combine, forming a ‘ghost-like’ form of you which is your spirit. from here, you can access other spiritual worlds, such as the astral plane, and only your spirit form can go there. you cannot be harmed by anything in the real world and can only be affected by what happens in the secind level of conciousness, and even deeper.

thu s the second level of conciousness is something completely different in itself. It can make contact with the real world, but many cannot make contact with it

But I do. I sepererate it in physical body (obviously) and spirit (which some call astral body), which kind of lumps together all the rest which science so persistently denies but is obvious to so many who’s experiences go beyond mere measuring.

And Dream Oracle, what you call second level of consciousness is more often called our subconscious.

:eh: Ok I always took the astral “body” to mean our awareness or consciousness reaches another plane not like an actual form or something. We are conscious in this other place…Man do I wanna try this!