What is the correct way to do Reality Check

Whenever I am Free I keep repeating to myself " this is a dream"…“I am dreaming”
I do this continually for may be a 100 times.
I also count my fingers and try to poke my finger through the palm of my Hand and also do a nose pinch.
But I keep on doing this continually.
I do reality check like more than a 100 to 1000 times a day.
Is this the correct method ???

The last time I became Lucid I first realized that I am dreaming after the realization I did a reality check.
So I have to First realize that I am dreaming before I do reality check…which means I have to remember to do a reality check in my dreams.

How do I go about with this.

Do I do reality check continually thought the day ??? Is this the correct meathod ?

I’m pretty new at this myself, but let me share my experience

For me what worked was analysing my DJ and seeing which things repeat, and then trying to do a RC whenever i see those things, for example: if you often dream about playing basketball, do an RC when you think about it or play it in WL. I have realised that for me lucid dreaming is a waiting game and I have to be patient. After some time, RCing will have a bigger chance at making you lucid

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I almost always first become lucid and then do an RC afterwards as confirmation. Sort of a habit, I guess, as it is not always necessary. Still, doing RCs throughout the day is probably a good idea. Like @marek pointed out, doing them in a targeted manner will increase their effectiveness. Mindlessly doing them all the time, hundreds of times every day, is not likely to give you very good results, but it also depends on the person. If it helps you make the concept of lucid dreaming sink in, then go for it. But my general advice definitely is to go for quality over quantity :slight_smile:

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I do a reality check
I say “I am dreaming” , “This is a dream”
Then the next question comes in my Mind “What should I do NOW in this dream??”
What is the answer ?

I think it’s a really great habit to immediately ask what you should be doing, right after the RC. Or maybe even as part of it. That way you’ll get more out of your LDs by not idling doing nothing. Of course it’s perfectly fine to go with the flow of the dream and just explore, but chance is you’ll kick yourself in the butt after waking up for not pursuing your goals. So always keep in mind what you will do next, after you confirmed that you are in a dream.

So what is the answer to “What should I do now in this dream?“
Well, that depends on what you want to do in your lucid dream. Did you think about that before?

Thank you marek
Thank you Mravin

I read the Book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming (LaBerge Stephen)
This book talks about a Tibetan technique where you think of the whole world as an illusion of your mind and that you need to break free of this illusion
This kind of reality check appeals to my Logic.
So if I think of the world that I see as an illusion of my mind will this kind of reality check help me become Lucid ?