What is the difference between LD and HB, also AP??

Hi guys, I have known and read a lot about LD as well as AP for over 10 years now, and this week I found out about HB - holotropic breathwork. It is described as a powerful way of inducing an altered state that is best described as psychedelic in nature. Except in the case of HB no chemical substance is necessary, simply lie down, close your eyes, set the intention, and hyperventilate for at least 20 minutes, usually for 2-3 hours as recommended. I have read and watched many reviews about this and the effect definitely seems real.

What jumped to my mind however was, OK, you lie down and stay motionless but mentally aware so you don’t drift into unconscious sleep, then you feel tingling and vibration and then you see visual hallucinations. Instantly I thought of LD. I have never been able to LD. I haven’t tried HB yet but intend to. It’s a simple thing. To answer my question you will need to know as much about HB as you can - read about it on

reset.me/story/entering-psychedelic-state-with out-psychedelics-insid e-holotropic-breathwork/

or try it. I am not sure if being a LDer has an impact on the outcome, when you are used to intending to LD when you lie down motionless but aware. But if you try it and get a DIFFERENT result from your usual LD experience then we are onto something. If no different, then can it be bias due to being a LDer?

My main question would concern the difference between LD and HB.

Secondly, I asked a few years ago about the difference between LD and AP here and elsewhere, nowhere did I receive a satisfactory answer of what the difference is, if any. My problem was that both claim the same induction method - lie motionless, stay aware. So what determines which one you get? The intention? How does the mind even know what to give once the intention is set, I mean LD and AP are just labels. How are the actual experiences different?

So here we are, 3 different (or are they) altered states, same induction technique, with slight differences. (HB uses hyperventilation, but what if you lie down, close eyes, set intention, but breathe a little slower? Even slower? Will you eventually not be able to reach an altered state without HVing? Is there a magical line, like x litres of air per minute or x number of breaths? What about smaller breaths but twice as fast? You get the idea.)

Thanks for your thoughts.