What is the easiest method to lucid dream?


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Depends on the person. Many people apparently have sucess with MILD and WBTB. Regardless of what technique you use, it is a good idea to do many RC’s all the time.

Here’s a thread that helps you choose which technique might be best: https://community.ld4all.com/t/how-to-choose-your-technique/21714

Yah - different people find different tech’s work best for them.

When you pick your first tech, stay with it for [i]at least[/t] two weeks before giving up on it.
And only give up on it you have no improvement at all. If you start having dreams in which you talk of dreams (eg. with MILD), or can enter SP (eg. with WILD) then don’t give up on 'em.

Also, whatever you choose, I always adivse you to take RC’s (around three of them should do) and to keep a DJ.

WBTB works well with pretty much everyone, and compliments most of the techniques very well, so I advise that as well :smile:.

I know all that may seem like a lot and very time consuming - but in practice, it’s fine :smile:.

Tsuga and Sureal gave you great advices.

I would say, the easiest methods are the “Dream Induced LD’s” methods (RC’s, autosuggestion, MILD).
I never would give the advice to WILD, because a lot of people can’t. IMO, you can learn DILD’ing, but you have to be gifted for WILD.
And don’t forget you need to have a dream journal and a good dream recall before you start anything. :smile:

The sleep/wake/back to bed method seems to be very effective for many people (It certainly works for me). The great thing about it is that you can use it in combination with virtually every other method and it greatly increases your chances of success.
For the best results, you need to get into the habit of using this method every night if possible. Set an alarm to wake you after you have had about five or six hours sleep. Then get out of bed and occupy your mind on lucid dreaming for half an hour to an hour. When you go back to bed, set your intention to realise when you are dreaming and expect it to happen. If you are using MILD or WILD work on these as you return to sleep.
I promise you, if you use this method regularly it can literally work like magic and I would be very surprised if it does not give you lucid dreams. In my opinion it is easily the most effective method, so if you really want lucid dreams I would advise that you give it a try. If it doesn’t work after two nights - don’t give up! Give it at least a couple of weeks and you will get results…
Good luck.

Whatever Technique you use be sure to use WBTB technique as a “SideTech”, i haven’t been succesful with it but it’s because i haven’t completed the technique.

I find WILD to be the best really. Although I have never gone lucid from it… or lucid at all for that matter (!), its the one I’ve gotten closest with. It also gives me pretty good recall. But those sounds… yipes. I knew what they were all about, but I just couldn’t get over them. and I lost concntration and curled up in fright. Anywho, WILD is the best! I tried WBTB and that doesn’t really work. And the recall is a bit funny.

WBTB + MILD seems to work, i prefer to “meditate” from time to time on a LD induction music. That is, i focus my mind on the music only, also “submitting to the voice’s will”.

Here’s a quote from the music that i “submit to”.