what is the easiest way to lucid dream?

i want a lucid dream :content:

It really depends on you.

The most successful methods are:
DILD- one that you notice your dreaming in the midst of a dream.
WILD- Don’t lose consciousness as you fall asleep, you just watch the dream form and take part in it.
MILD- go to sleep and constantly repeat something that’ll make you think of Lucid Dreaming.

I’ve only had success with DILD, I tried WILD but couldn’t even fall asleep (maybe I was focusing too hard) I’ve used MILD but it only helped a little.

There are plenty of other methods but these are the ones i’m the most used to. Once you choose a method read a lot about it and tips people have, the forum should have plenty of info but I reccomend getting a book on lucid dreaming.

Hope I’ve helped. :smile:

i do WILD in combination with WBTB as i find it easier to get relaxed after ive had a few hours sleep already.

VILD rocks. :grin:

WBTB is fabulous, and ofcourse, don’t forget about your dream journal or doing your reality checks though, they are immensly helpful.

And you seem very motivated, that’s sure to help :smile:

Yeah, it all depends on you… and sometimes, they come when you’re taking a break from trying. That’s how I get mine.

If you want, there’s some topics in the “Quest for Lucidity” forum with names like “The Big WILD Topic” and “The Big WBTB Topic”. Look there for some opinions on the different techniques.

Hope that helps–and good luck!

As long as we’re recommending threads, I’d like to recomend “The Keys to Lucid Dreaming” and “Choosing Your Technique”.

for me sleeping in very late (9+ hours) is the easiest way

It depends on the person. For some people, WILD methods are very easy to learn. For others (like me), it’s quite impossible. DILD’s methods (autosuggestion, MILD, reality checks) are very easy to learn indeed. So you have to try by your own what works better with you.
By the way, WBTB is very useful for WILD and DILD methods and they increase you chances of having an LD dramatically. Moreover, it’s quite necessary with WILD.

I highly suggest WBTB and RC’s. These are both very helpful, and can be combined with pretty much any other techniques (eg. WILD and MILD).