What is the First Dream You Remember? Part III

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In the earliest dream I can remeber, I am scared of cats. I see cats around my bed, a little above me and they are as if they will jump on me. Remebering this was very interesting for me! In two ways… One, I have never taught about what my first dream was… I could remember this dream when the cats were subject of discussion but I had never figured this out as the first dream I can remember. And secondly it was interesting to find this out because I just realized that my 3 year old daughter’s first nightmare (that she could tel me) was also about cats. She woke up crying and she said cats took her slippers! Please don’t tell me like my mother in low use to tell me that I am scared of cats and I made my daughter scared of cats because this is not true. Knowing that fear is something that is actually learned I never showed my fear to my daugher. And I know this for sure because I am terrified from insects but my daughter is not scared of insects. So I am able to hide my fears from my daughter so that she don’t get the same fears! But the similar dream stuff is interesting, isn’t it?

I don`t know which one was the first so… Both.

  1. I was in a big field. And the sun was shining nice, there were some wooden poles, and you could bend them, and then it Katapulted you into the air, so I had the time of my life.

  2. I was in a city and there was this big Moat. Further I saw some Vases.
    And I played with them, but fell into the Moat. Second later I was back up and then the exact same happened again

In my first dream i was being chased by a wooden robot thing that came out of my cupboard :sad:

In my first dream I was in a rollercoaster in space.
Then my sister and I wanted to go home, but to do that we had to write our names on a blackboard. My sister couldn’t write yet so I wrote her name for her.

The first dream I remember was a Lucid nightmare I had when I was 4. My uncle had sculpted and painted a bust of Eric Draven from The Crow. My parents ,having a bad idea moment, placed it inside my room…at the foot of my bed. For weeks I had a nightmare every night until my parents moved it.

Here is the dream... I had been playing with a checkout line toy when the floating bust flew out of my closet. I jumped up and tried to scream for help but nothing would come out of my mouth. So I ran. I ran down the hallway trying to cover my eyes with my hands but I could still see through them. i then realized that this was very impossible and realized I was dreaming. I did not confront my enemy or try to make him dissipate (come on, I was 4. I was to scared to do so and had not found this site until 8 years later.) I ran to hide near the door and behind my dad's desk.      
  This is when I began to hum myself awake. I thought that if I could somehow physically hum in RL then I would wake up. After multiple tries I finally woke up. Amazed at what I had just accomplished. I had been searching for the answer ever since. I found this site through a different forum 8 years later and joined a year after that.  Cool huh?

The first dream i can remember was a nightmare of this 7 foot tall dark figure under purple light who would always tried to snatch me and would eat me many times in later dreams.

Same as the others the first dream I could remember was a nightmare…I remember having 6 nightmares that one night about objects chasing after me :eek: , I was semi lucid in one of them. It was odd…I remember waking up and seeing this giant teddy bear appear out of nowhere and I knew it was a dream…but then I was going to run downstairs and tell my mum I was having a nightmare …LOL

The first Dream i can remember is a nightmare. I was five and an army of UFO’s had sent down dogs to come and attack all of the residence of Tallahassee. (Where I lived at the time) i remember seeing this and running over to my sister’s window, which overlooked the street. The streets were covering with parts of people and blood was literally covering the street. (Bloody for a five year old’s dream) I remember trying to scream as dogs entered the house but I was simply to scared to go anywhere.

I watched them tear apart our housekeeper at the door (We didn’t have a housekeeper) and go on a rampage all throughout the house. Me and Family ran downstairs and into the playroom, where we all climbed on top of the huge white Cabinet with all of my toys in it. The cabinet began to burst into flames as the dog I owned at the time pranced around below us with a party hat. I wanted to save her but couldn’t because my dad wouldn’t let me. As she was ripped to shreds we exited the cabinet and into the Garage, making a desperate bid for escape.

Upon entering the garage I found there was a massive German Sheperd in the corner. He had one leg and a really nasty bark. He lunged, all i could do was watch the shadows on the garage wall as he ripped my whole family to shreds. then i could feel the warm dog breath on the back of my neck. I knew i was going to die.

I woke up really scared, only to fall back asleep and relive the same dream. Worst night of my life. Everything was so real i practically am in tears every time I think about it, 12 years later.

way back when, I had a dream that me and my family was being held up by a clown with a gun.

The first dream I remember was when I was about five years old, and it was a nightmare. I was really terrified of spiders, and all I remember was that I was walking outside and I found one. I wasn’t afraid of it, surprisingly, until it started to grow until it was huge. When I woke up I thought I saw a spider coming down from the ceiling, so I screamed and ran into my parents room. I didn’t go back into my room for days because I was convinced it was infested with spiders…I was quite dramatic

The first dream I ever remember was a nightmare.
I was sitting on a little log fence thing outside my house (not actually my house), crying. This man (or the shape of a man, but all red) came up to me, and I started talking to him. I told him “it was all my parents fault!” Then, he left and I heard two shots and screaming from my house. I then yelled “No! Not them!!” and I woke up…
Even though I was super little; I still hate the color red…

My first dream I can remember was a short nightmare.

One single thing: Spiders, spiders everywhere, including my eyes…

I was a kid, now i don’t fear spiders anymore and i don’t have anymore nightmares :happy:

First dream I remember was a Nightmare to

I was running down the hallway when all of a sudden Earl from the show dinosaurs jumped out and ate me.

Looking at what I just wrote makes me laugh but back then it was scary.

P.S. Faith42 THAT is one scary dream

yeah, I had like 1000s of nightmares when I was little it seems… :sad:

The earliest dream I can remember somehow involves an old friend’s parent, who apparently turned into a monster, and I saved my friends somehow. It took place on a strange moonlike place in a semi-2D plane of existence. I believe it also had some things or pieces inspired by Rugrats, a show I used to watch as a child, and when I get the chance, still today. Childhood was so awesome…

I also remember quite a few childhood dreams that I’ve nowhere to post… Maybe a new topic is in order…

The first one i remember is in first or second grade. This kid named PJ was teaching me how to fly. It was at the playground of my first elementary school. I would flap my arms and fly like 20 feet in the air. That dream was so fun. I actually had that exact same dream two or three times. It may have been an LD but it was a long time ago so i don’t remember

Hahaha Unseen… rugrats :happy: I used to watch the rugrats too! :tongue:

EDIT: I also had a dream when I was really little that I went to telletubby land and when I woke up, all I could think about “Dreams Do Come True!” and I couldn’t wait to get there :tongue:

No reason why you can’t make your own topic about your other early dreams in here or post them in a DJ in our DJ forum.

Earliest one I can remember might have been a lucid dream… not really sure… also can’t remember when I had it… so here goes.

I am in a forest, in late fall/early winter. Leaves are all on the ground, and everything is sepiotome(sp?). I am naked for some reason, and running from school. I see the owl from Winnie the Pooh, and he is drunk. I think to myself " Wait a second, why is he drunk? And why am I naked? This has to be a dream!"

After that, I don’t remember much. I might have woken up, might of had the best dream in my life. But, alas, I do not remember it.

The first dream I can remember is a horrible nightmare. (I was five or six) My father and I were on a deserted island. We were like Robinson Crusoe and some weirdo africans appeared in front of us. I can only see their distinct black silhouettes and shadows dancing around a fire. Suddenly they assaulted us and all of them pierced my father through the heart. :crying:

I woke up crying and shaking non-stop :cry: