What is the weirdest/coolest ability you have had in a ND?

For me it’s when I was able to travel through space and time, but every point in this space-time was mixed, like If I moved to point A, point B right next to it could be light years away and a few billion years into the future. I experienced this ability by visually seeing these different locations flashing in front of my eyes as I flew through them, searching for one single point in space and time: a frozen planet where these people I wanted to help were trapped. You can imagine how hard it is to find a single point in a four dimensional system with every point being randomly mixed. There are innumerable amount of points. I never found my way back to the frozen planet in that dream.

Hmm… playing Minecraft? :razz:

I’ll have to get back to you on this. I can recall the abilities I’ve used in LDs off the top of my head, but I don’t recall every ability I used in an NLD.

I have been a variety of videogame characters in ND’s. I have been in Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, Dayz and probably many more that I can’t recall

Being able to save game, restart from checkpoint, slow or stop time and see these “info” screens float in front of people :happy: I felt like I could do none of those in my short LD’s that I have had. Only thing I was able to do was teleport/ change scene :sad:

Not sure this counts as an ability, but I flew on a dragon and did loop-de-loops and dives without a harness or saddle or anything else. I just sat on the on the dragon.

Did you play video games like skyrim before that? :smile:

I do know even know that game! I only play World of Warcraft, but I had that dream before I started playing that too. I wasn’t playing any games when I had that dream. I have always loved dragons though. :smile:

I just saw this topic. Its a shame more people haven’t posted here. I have had so many interesting things happen in my NDs, that it is hard to choose just one. Thus, I will go ahead and go with the most recent thing that happened to me. I was with my family somewhere, and there was an explosion. I could see the fire coming at me and them, but it didn’t happen instantly. We were then all on fire and everything was burning; it was starting to almost turn into a nightmare. Then I realized that something wasn’t right (I never actually became lucid, although I suppose some might call this a FLD over a ND) and realized I could control the fire. Everyone and every thing was still on fire including myself, but I didn’t care as I could control the fire so it didn’t harm me. Then I realized that it was harming my family, so I concentrated real hard (Don’t know how to describe it) and pulled all the fire into me and every thing ceased to be on fire. I probably don’t do the dream justice in describing it, but having absolute and total control over fire was pretty awesome :cool: .

I agree. I have probably told this a million times already but I had a ND where a monster was unkillable. It turned into a FLD but slicing it into pieces or shooting fire didn’t help. I ended up concentrating on the image of the whole beast in flames. Every cell on fire. For a few moments all I could see were flames, massive flames destroying this monster that was the size of a large island.

Another cool ability that I have been paying more attention to lately is the map. I can cover my vision with this map and it’s different depending on what I want. It can show me the layout of the building I’m in. I can look for a specific location and teleport there using the zoom ability of the map. And it also shows everything happening in real time at the location I’m looking at. I like it :razz:

Once i was invisible !!! I was helping a friend avoiding some bad cops, And my enemies couldn’t see me lol he was like just infront of me but nop… He didn’t see meh :tongue:

Seeing the future. It was awesome. I saw this guy and he grabbed my hand to help me stand up from the ground and I saw his future(getting shot). When I stood up from the ground that’s exactly what happened. Or one time I could hear my enemies heartbeat from like 1 km away.

I had a dream not too long ago where I was sleeping in class but couldn’t wake up, and my teacher was mad at me so she took out a box of doughnuts and the only way to get them was to get up and go get them at her desk.
Suddenly I projected my consciousness outside of my body; basically I made a clone, and in that state I could be anything like in any ol’ dream, so I made myself the size of a mouse and scurried over past the students’ feet, up the teacher’s desk and towards the box of doughnuts. I was a little too small to get into the box, and in my attempt I accidentally tipped it and all of it’s contents on top of me. Not that I was complaining, hehe.

I’m actually making a story based around this superpower. You can see the sketches here (the first few sketches in the yellow): cptbee.deviantart.com/art/Sketch … -447318391 The story’s description is in the artist’s comments if you want to know more.

Really cool sketches, CaptainBee! I wish I had any artistic talent so I could draw some of my more memorable dream settings and characters.

Being able to comprehend text.
Though as for things that would be abnormal in real life, never had anything, and my semiformed tulpa has only done one abnormal thing, appearing out of thin air through a portal (Though not abnormal by design of the character).

I liked this one dream where i was flying around my house as some kind of green ‘ghost’ (lol, i’m saying this and i’m named after a ghost type pokemon xD haha).

That dream was kinda scary but it was also really fun :smile: I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a lucid.

EDIT: Another non lucid ability i liked a lot was my “Espeon Magical Girl” form i had in one dream in 2004.

I had like gltter powers and stuff and showed off to my ash ketchum poster (that i also have irl). It was epic XD

For me time travel too. I had a dream I was with a friend in my room and the entire room traveled through time and space each time we closed our eyes for five seconds. Amazing looking out the window and it’s day time in the Netherlands, closing your eyes and seeing it’s night time and you’re in Spain. :happy:

Teleporting! Entering a specific dreamuniverse at will. Accidental time-travel, but I knew how to fix it.

The most common: flying.

I can’t believe my thread is still alive after five years. I’ll add some weird/cool abilities I’ve had:

  • Going sideways in time: I was chasing the alpha werewolf that had infected my brother. He was unreachable by time travel, since he was outside time. I was dead set on saving my brother, so I willed myself outside of the time stream. There was nothing outside time, just dark void and the alpha werewolf.

  • Having godlike powers, inspired by my personality: In a dream inspired by Homestuck, I saw myself in a godhood, clothing of a god. The symbols and colors led me to believe I had the aspects Blood and Space. In Homestuck, your personality determines what powers you get. I tested my powers and…well, I’ll just quote my dream in spoiler tags:

SPOILER - Click to view

I felt power. I wanted to let it out…at least test it a bit. It felt like I had another set of lungs and they were empty. I took a deep breath with my new lungs and a huge area around me, kilometers in every direction, turned dark. All color was drained from the world and the sky turned black. People around me stopped what they had been doing and looked at me. They were scared. I felt another power and used it. The colorless grass I was standing on disappeared and a large circular area underneath me became complete darkness. I saw myself through the eyes of one of the DCs. I saw myself levitating above this darkness that looked like an endless pit. I could also feel each person on this peninsula. I felt the blood in their body and pulled them towards me. I was a bloodbender. I didn’t actually want to hurt them, so I stopped pulling them and made the darkness under me disappear, but I could not exhale. Color did not return to the world.