What is this technique?

I haven’t tried to LD in a few years, and have been looking back at a few things I wrote about my progress/techs when I used to do it. Something that keeps coming up is SSILD. I can’t remember what it it, and doing a search comes up with nothing.

Any ideas what this could be? Apparently it used to work for me! :confused:

I can see after writing this post that it is underlined which is a good sign, but the pop-up thing doesn’t work on my iPad…

Hello Eterna, I suppose you are looking forthis.
SSILD (2.0) Tutorial

Good luck.

Thank you Tggtt. :smile:
No idea why it wasn’t showing up in the search. I looked in another forum too and got nothing. Oh well! Time to have a re-read.

I am also revisiting after some years. Been reading posts on Reddit about lucid dreaming and it reminded me that I never got as far as I wanted to. Looked into this technique and it looks Interesting! Have you had any success?

SSILD worked for me a couple of times then it stopped working. I tried for months, but it never worked again.

When something “stops working” for me, it IMHO means that I did something wrong, something against myself (e.g. misused lucid dream). Can you recall anything like this from your SSILDs ?

I have never tried SSILD.

What do you mean with a misused lucid dream ?