What is this?

Ive had it sometimes when i have been playing pc games all day like war games, when i goto bed that night i may wake up in the middle of the night, knowing i am in my bed but, thinking i am fighting in a war like in the game and it has gotten bad sometimes where i would need to say to myself “stop your are in your bed at home relax and go to sleep”

is there a name for this?


Insanity. Seek proffesional help before you kill someone.

Nah, just messing with you :wink:.

It just sounds to me like a false memory, only a but more extreme than usual.

you need to elaborate more

do you wake up in a violent/defensive mindset?

How do you think you are still in the war? Do you really think someone will burst in and attack you at any second?

Do you sleep with anyone?

How soon does it go away?

It’s only really a problem if you live/sleep with someone and you wake up in a mindset that might make you freak out and attack them.

I could see myself perhaps doing that on rare occasions, but needless to say, I don’t think I’ll ever have anyone sleep with me…

and I guess it’s sort of normal… it can be dangerous to other people’s safety though.

I used to play a game calle dwarcraft 3 about 2 hours per day, and each night, when I was in my bed, nearly asleep, I saw replays of my games, usually at critical moments when my attention to the game was at maximum, and I forgot everything else . Kinda as if I was in trance hehe

I don’t think it can be dangerous, but you may need to calm down on those game, What do you mean by all day long? does it means you wake up at 8:00, have breakfast, and them play computer games for 5 hours, then eat, then play games for another 5 hours and then supper, and them play for another 5 hours? In this case, you are addicted :bored: try not to play more than 5 hours per day, its a resonable time

yeah, this is different to what you get but similar I guess-

If Ive been playing on a game for ages, and especially if its the last thing ive been doing before I go to bed, when I go to bed (if im tired) when I close my eyes I will see the game on my mind, as if im playing it, but its not a dream, it happens while Im still awake.
eg- when I used to play on Quake 3 loads, I would close my eyes while in bed, and it was imprinted on my mind, loads of people running around blowing each other up with rocket launchers etc… but I dont control it or anything, its like a dream, except im still awake when I see all this.
Does anyone else get this?

ye vyper i get that alot, but this i had bout 5 times in my life, its like i wake up but im not violent, im more restless not being able to sleep but thinking like im playin but sometimes i don’t know its a game i might think its real. But i wudnt think someone would come and hurt me coz i know im just in my bed its really weird. it might be just i play too much but it was like half of me thought i was like fighting and i needed to lay down and get back to like this war/game/fight whatever and half of me knew i was awake and i needed to calm down coz i could get to sleep i would keep waking every few minutes. is there a technical word for it, or does it fall loosly into any or is it just somthing that happens.


vhal, i used to be one crazy game playing bitch. lol but now im not i hardly play, but it used to be on a saturday, get up have breakfast get dressed then it would be bout 1pm then i would play basically till tea, and then come off about 9pm and sometimes go on till bout 11pm. once i must admit i have played all day since 11am till 4am in morning. that is serious gaming lol im very proud im still catching up on all the sleep i miss :razz:.

I think this is called “The Tetris Effect”.

really, “the tetris” effect never herd of it, is it a real thing?

If I ever play a video game like, all day, I won’t be able to sleep well because something really stupid will bug me. Like, for example, if I played some kind of shooter, I wouldn’t be able to reload my gun and I’d wake up over and over and try to think about something else, but it would always take a long time to switch.

It hasn’t happened much, I haven’t played all day for a loong time. But one day me and my cousin playing this fighting game, Streets of Rage for a few hours at night before we went to sleep. I kept waking up because I thought I was in the game and I was tired of kicking or something. Well, in the morning I was talking about it and it turns out we had the same type of thing happen.


I experience this aswell, and also all my dreams will usually be themed around this game aswell :smile:

Yes, there was a scientific study on this. They let a few people play tetris all day long, then they would all describe seeing this falling tetris blocks when they closed their eyes… The most interesting part, was that braindamaged people with severly damaged long term memory, reported seeing this tetris blocks aswell, even though they cannot remember what happened 1 hour ago…

You probably will find alot more info if you do a search on google :smile:

Heh, I’ve never heard the term “Tetris effect”, but I’m very familiar with the condition. :smile:

If you play a very simple and repeditive game for an extended length of time before going to bed, as soon as you close your eyes you’ll still feel like you’re playing the game. The more repeditive the actions are in the game, the stronger this effect will be. I can’t validate the alledged effects on memory though, since it doesn’t seem to have affected me noticably. Then again, how could I tell what I’d be like otherwise? :smile:

I get this when i play to much Go. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with my eyes closed, and have visions of a Go board stones will start randomly appearing, patterns emerge from the black and white chaos and then disintigrate into chaos again. Damn Go. On another note Go has become a reality check for me. I can’t play it in my dreams, the game changes too fast to even remotely stand a chance of being playable.

hmm not noticed any memory lapse, but i do get it when i close my eyes i see whatever i have been doing alot of. like yesturday i closed my eyes and i could see rugby.

I also experience this sometimes. For example when I got 1mbit connection after years of dialup I began to download anime. A lot of anime. And about a week every night I waked up and felt that I’m downloading files :smile:. And it must be said I fell asleep fast and dreams were nice :smile:.

Another time was when I began to learn Chinese. Every day I was learning new graphems (the parts from which complex hyeroghliphs consist) and one day I woke up at the night and couldn’t get asleep because the dozens of graphems and hyerogliphs (including those which I remembered while learning Japanese) were flying across my head.

I tryed to stop it but failed. But then I said to my mind that I don’t want to sleep hyerogliphically but alphabetically. It was zennish move and worked perfectly :smile:.

these are results of constant overstimulation as far as i know

i get it if i play a video game too much, or haven’t played one in a while, or if i have had a very busy day doing something repetetive, or been to a concert even.

it is usually very hellish as the sleep doesn’t really feel like “sleep” it just feels like game game game game game like i’m not resting yet I am… I don’t know… I don’t like game dreams at all, I still get them of EQ and UO having quit a year or two ago and they are usually bad dreams where bad things keep happening to me over and over again and I can’t fix them.

Like someone stealing from me, breaking into my house (UO), or getting trapped in a dungeon.

Sometimes they can be somewhat enjoyable though.

The worst is just the half awake NREM stuff that loops over and over and over and over and over again in your head, and you just want quietness, but you aren’t awake or asleep, so, you can’t really do anything about it beacuse it’s like you’re detached.

I wonder if the brain is trying to learn really fast, or is trying to tell you to stop playing so much, or is trying to process all that constant info it was overloaded with?

true it is overstimulation of whatever it is.