What is this?

Im not sure what this was. I woke up in the morning and decided to try count to sleep. I got to stage where i couldn’t feel my hands but couldn’t go any further because people started geting up and making noise. I gave up and moved my hands and the feeling in them came back. I lay there just thinking. This is where it gets confusing.

I either dream or imagined this place with coloured bubbles everywhere making shapes and stuff and there was a cabinet with lots of seperate box compartments. Each one had its on little door which was glass. Inside these compartments were tanks like off the game battlefield 1942. I threw tnt in one like you would do in a game and the tank blew up into the compartment above it. I had heaps of fun and was very happy. Then someone else came and opened up a compartment. I threw tnt into the compartment he/she opened and ran back (when you do this in the game the person fly back). I blew the tnt and thought this was very funny. I remember that i gave a little laugh in real life.

I cannot figure out if this was just me imagining it or me dreaming because it would never imagine little tanks in little boxes but if it was a dream how did i give a little laugh. It didn’t feel fully like a dream too. Could this by some indepth day dream?

Maybe it was you starting something like a WILD? With the HI and HS maybe… Sounds interesting.