What is up with mirrors?

I don’t see what is “special” about mirrors. Many people seem to use them as a teleportation device, or as a reality check, or a remote window, or other things that involve the mirror being a portal or otherwise not solid.

I ask this because there are a lot of mirrors mentioned here, and I rarely see mirrors in any dreams of mine. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen my reflection in a dream.

So, why do you pick mirrors for the things you do with them?
If I teleport, I usually do it without any props, or occasionally by tearing a hole in space.

hello Rectifier :wave:
I like dream mirrors coz they behave so strangely :smile: I look really weird in dream mirrors, sometimes really scary, once i looked like a goblin, sometimes I look paralysed, or dead, sometimes I have big hair :cool: . The first time I’ve ever looked in a dream mirror, my face was wavy and I got a bit scared :smile:. Inside the mirror itself is a chilly gray gelatine space with flashes of wavy rainbow colors (at least for me). Only once I’ve managed to changed the scene using a mirror, but teleportation is not why I like mirrors, mirrors are just so cool! I’ve done this -> :mirror: <- quite a few times too :lol: But many people also find a lot of weird stuff in the world behind the mirror… it’s really an awesome think to experiment with.

dream mirrors are very mysterious. to me a mirror is the idealistic representation of a dream. You look inot it and there is a whole other world. Also your mirror image is you but different at the same time. Hard to really put into words.

Hmmm… I’ve never had a mirror in my dream either, exept when I was looking for one in an LD and even then I woke up before I got there.

For me mirrors in dream are one of the best RC-s, because usually my eyes, and sometimes my hair, or face look odd in them, so i realize this to be a dream.

I also have used mirrors for changing my environment. Not in great scale, but they have helped a bit anyway.

But i’m presently working on minimizing any tools for transportation, or similar, and i’m practicing changing places and things just using verbal commands :content:

Mirrors in dreams are fascinating indeed. Unstable and unpredictable, you can use them for various tasks, such as:

  1. Teleport to other places.
  2. Use it as a tool to morph yourself.
  3. Teleport into a place just similar to the one you were in the first place, but with some difference.
  4. Find people.
  5. Visit the Lucid Crossroads. :happy:

Yes they’re amongst the most fascinating dream objects. Just watching your face morph is absolutely fun :happy:
If you can’t find them, try to wish them behind a door or something. However, going through them usually causes me to wake up, so yeah they tend to be pretty unstable for some people. Though that probably depends on your expectations about them :wink:

I come across mirrors frequently enough in my dreams. My bedroom is in the basement and I have so many dreams of me going to the bathroom just across the hall. As soon as I get in the bathroom IRL I’ll look in the mirror out of habit, so this carries through in the dream (I’ve slacked with RCing every time I enter too…) Yeah, mirrors are pretty trippy. Scary, but for some reason I’m never scared, I just laugh out loud! Especially if you ever examine your naked self in a lucid mirror… They are fun! :good: Never teleported though, but I plan to experiment more with them.

Cool… maybe you guys’ reports of what you see in mirrors will influence me. The only times I’ve seen mirrors, BTW, were in nightmares - and in every case they contained a view of something horrible… so I am kind of scared to create one in a LD. But then, maybe reading about your mirror sightings will help that…

I’m going to try creating one next time I have a LD for sure.

3 of my lucid dreams were induced by mirrors. Each time I saw my reflection and it just wasn’t right. This induced lucidity.