What just happened here... ?

Well it was my third night to try lucid dreaming and i’m a 14 year old so i get a lot of time to practice techniques to induce LDs during the day.

Before i slept i repeated “I am dreaming, i will remember my dream, i will have a lucid dream and when i do i will be calm”. Once i slept i don’t remember anything from my dream except all of a sudden “I am dreaming”.

Once i heard myself saying this in my dream i realised i was dreaming and i felt my reality eyes vibrating and my eye brows as well. They vibrated rapidly and i could just see white then i woke up. I just don’t think this is supposed to happen while inducing an LD.

Could i be close to an LD?

Also i want to try to induce an OBE but im scared to do so. Because i’ve read about extreme fear while getting to sleep paralysis then trying to OBE i just don’t want to freak out when i enter SP.

Is it really that scary?

Thanks for any replies.

SP is a really good thing in ld and obe and it will takes time that you can o it without fear.
after some SPs you will find there is nothing to be scared , cus this is a new feeling and you have to test it many times, SPs are great and very helpfull.as you think it is scary , your mind will trick you, there is nothing to scare , sometimes your mind made things, your mind.

good luck.

Things for your confirming reply. Yeh, i got scared this afternoon just reading about a feeling of presence of unhumanly objects in the same room while going into SP. But i think i will try it.

While trying to induce an OBE is it a must that you lay on your back? Because when i lay on my back and close my eyes, my eyes seem to be moving while my eye lids are closed. Then i feel this urge to open them.

SP is only scary if you don’t know what happens to you.

who wouldn’t be afraid if they found themselves suddenly paralyzed?

you can get halucinations, because your still kinda like dreaming, so if you don’t know whats happening your mind tries to think of a reason, so it may think of aliens or something and you may see aliens around… but that’s when you’re in panic and you don’t know what happens because you don’t know what SP is…

thanxs dude, you just triggerd a dream i have like a year ago…
i cant rememebr if it was lucid or not, but i was totaly paralized and it felt real but dreaming at the same time… aliens came thought my windows and a bright light could be seen (i had my eyes closed but it was so bright even thought i had them closed)
they stuck me in a tank of liquid and this fully paralized me… i was scared at the time coz i never new anything about ld.
i just had this naturally, i didnt do any technique to get this weird/real life dream

is this what is called a obe??